Strangers wanting to friend you on facebook

How comfortable are you about this? I am talking about people who aren’t friends of friends and who don’t know you via a facebook group. The kind who says I saw your photo and want to get to know you better.

Never accepted. Creeps, want “friends”

I have never had that. But I don’t post a pic of myself in my profile

The thing is I’m not photogenic. The woman looked about 30 years younger than me and her photo was quite provocative.

I used to get follows from sexy women on Twitter. Never knew why then I figured they were ‘bots’ used to usually promote porn sites and such

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Make sure your privacy settings are where you want them. I don’t accept friend requests even from people who know another friend. I think people get into trouble when they start friend-collecting. It’s about quality not quantity…keep yourself safe. :blush:

I never know what to say to perfect strangers I tried be nice and accept them but then found out they were scams so I unfriended them and blocked them.

I am guessing she saw me because I made several public political posts. I wish they would make it easier to check out someone making a friend request.

I find it hard too and wonder why people would want to know me. I’m not exactly a charismatic/interesting person.

They were probably trying to lure you in for some underhanded reason, maybe to get money, or something like that.

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neither am I, that’s why when they say “i thought you were cute” I want to ask who’s picture are they looking at?

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