Random poems

thoughts like clouds, golden shapes of saffron,
spices of heaven
sunset bliss on a psychodynamic mystery tour

as light as love in the heart of a golden son
soft caress like angels wings abide
fluttering showers under wing
heart pulsing with excitement
hands clasped

pain like a driving wind,
chimes roll from porches
branches mesh, trees perturb
cracked souls wrenching sorrows
whispers, shouts, screams,

the devil passes by, death at his side
what fate can destiny subscribe
what manner of sin could call forth
such hatred

who has brought hell on earth,
relinquished this beast
cast demons into the fiery untamed sky
of my mind.

i paint a picture of soldiers on the fields
the just with no justice
victory without the victor
leaders led with no real winner
more wars and we
the lost, remain.

a landscape of dopamine
a cascade of serotonin
cocktails of adrenaline
frontal lobe nightmares combine
what is this trickery?

a voice says calmly

it was just a dream

and i wake.


wilful hearts compel demons to comfort souls
who do not deserve love, they love but they do not
see true loves story as it is told, waiting on a plateau for hell to speak
the demon shouts ‘wait for me’ and i run, run for all my worth but it keeps up
so i stop, the demon enters and possesses me, now i am a puppet, no strings just scars
as the demon laughs and i find myself laughing at myself, what folly i say and the demon remits
i say what folly and it snears for laughter like that scares the demon, the demon leaves.

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I want to swim in the crystal oceans of your eyes,
I want to feel your precious heart beating,
As we float in ecstasy across the skies,
I long for your tender caress, and the sweetness of your emotion,
I envy the clothes that hold your every motion,
A simple touch would mean so much to me,
A simple kiss would set us free,
Beautiful and fascinating,
It would be cruel to keep me waiting.
Your love means everything to me,
You’re all I need, can’t you see?


**Whoa! Those are beautiful words!

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gentle streams wither my mind like silks
woken from a yarn of dreams
i think through patchwork skies
in my mind where i have dropped a stitch
the pattern almost perfect
and like a moth to a flame
my dreamwork patch becomes
rags and i am am just
a poor beggar on the street
once more.


I like this one.

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Do you sometimes feel that there is very much creativity, but then at other times this creativeness has disappeared somewhere? Currently I have this creative block.

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sometimes (15 characters)

it rains tears of joy from eyes of the the sky
as they look down on poeple who hold umbrellas of love
who walk with the shoes of everyone not a pair they have not worn
walking with all, thier footprints shine like a polished chrome which everyone can see thier reflection
footprints that lead to understanding in every direction
the ground drenched with minds of affection


clouds of tears fall by rainbows
lights refract revealing an untamed sky
mysteries submerged in a mystery forage
mingling with a melancholy surprise

sandals walk on silken sands
seaped in salty seas
washing imprints deep caress
the land hugs my feet
i pass my sandals on
and forget


thats really good

breathing the air it fills my soul like helium
i float upward into the sky of dreams
leaving the ground of sleep everything is achieved
with the work of timeless minds where thoughts of the imagination are concieved
the future is here who would have believed


i can see hell on the horizon
i can see the fire in the sky
i can see death and destruction
and peoples lives just flashing by
i can see you

i can see me
i can see the blessed trinity
i can see god
just for an hour
i can see heaven
and the endless power
i can see you

you can see me
where can we be if
we’re not alone
i can see you
you can see me
sitting on the golden throne

and when we’re there
we will know that there
is nowhere else to go
and we will be happy
side by side
me and you
along for the ride

and when we are alone
i will still be there
waiting for you
saying a prayer
and when we are alone
we will still be there
in the presence of God
and his rightful heir

we have been gone for a long time
running down streets
full of swine
running down empty streets
of pain
looking out of windows in
the rain

we have been lost like a little dog
looking for its master
lost in the fog
cold and alone its breath like ice
waiting for someone to pay the price
the price of giving and saving a life.

sweep just helped me write this little bit below here as well-

i’m lost in a sea of animosity
do you like me, do you like me?

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I suppose this is where I’ll begin
Here with my thoughts again
Trying to share through this pen

I hope that this hopelessness lasts
At least until my family has past
My uncertainty has grown so fast
Into the universe of the vast

Comprehension, an unfeasible task
Hiding behind this genetic mask
Which stays slightly photogenic
To defer it’s secretly schizophrenic
It’s the nature of my brain
That’s where I place the blame
If only I could explain

I’ll stop now

The rest is a word w/out a vowel
I haven’t thrown in the towel

I still need it to soak up the tears
Expressing on my cheek, internal fears
Oops Time to take my meds- Cheers



that is very good @Wanderlust :thumbsup:

did you write that?

Yeah, sometimes when I’m lucky it helps to release emotion through creative juices.

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I joined this forum with the hope of connection
With thoughts of grandeur becoming perfection

Through the stages I find myself here
All I can share is this abundance of fear
I have no emotion, not even a tear
Trapped in darkness, I begin to see clear

The ups and downs don’t exist until now
The world caving in, and I don’t know how
Just yesterday I was one with the Tao

I open my eyes this morning, but see no light
Trapped in a corner, with no energy to fight
I take my beating to make everything right
The light is my delusion, I’m made for the night

Not to be emo, but this feels like hell
This isn’t the Heaven from where I fell
Where I’m at now I can’t even tell

I search the map and all I can see
Is what I’ve lost, is hidden in me
Another delusion pretends to be,
The ultimate truth that sets me free

For now I’m trapped, but feel at home
Other than this screen I’ll stay alone
Dare not step out into the unknown
Head in the clouds, winds being blown
Overcast of the mind, no light is shown
To those in darkness, you’re not alone
Here we can share a grunt and groan

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another great poem @Wanderlust :thumbsup:

i love the line 'the light is my delusion, i’m made for the night

and ‘this isn’t the heaven from where i fell’

great lines

Bright sparks
swimming with
celestial sharks
taking bites from
heavens pool,
youthful fountains
where kingdoms rule.

Breathe deep and hold your sighs,
deep breath and outward prize,
release doves from pores of gold,
inward cries of stories told.

Make a well within my soul,
outward pouring of liquid gold,
be my prince my shining light
guide me through the weary night
blind alone and in distress
seek the way that is the best
through the fog, mist and the snow
take me with you when you go.

In your heart i will reside,
always with me
you abide,
hanging on like cliffs broken edge,
i’ll lift you up
i made that pledge,
long ago.



A wasted vessel producing a consciousness of fear
The fleeting of hope creates these sounds in my ear
Turning voices to noises through choices I hear
Thoughts lost in a galaxy seeking the final frontier

I can’t see beyond if I accept these limitations
I get too far gone within high expectations
A vertical horizon sets on neuronic perception
Thought is then born into ones interpretation

Action is taken through habit or will
It’s all in the soul, not how we feel

Emotions take over and alter our heads
Seeking a balance, we swallow our meds

Visitors come and leave as they please
Explanations expressed in the form of disease
Knowing it’s real we can’t see the breeze
Knowing what I know, I fall to my knees

Do we accept this, or seek something more
Exploring new land losing sight of the shore
Staying sedated I feel dead at my core
Seeking meaning in metaphorical galore

Expression of something so vast and complex
Expression of thought in the form of this text

Still working on coping in everyday living
Loving the creativity and happy Thanksgiving

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