I appreciate this silence for the signs of the tides that revel the moon tho they crash for your sunshine. I appreciate the sounds from distant Sunshine that revels a wonder of a moonlit tides mind. I know the words in a cadence of 4 to 1 are only known by few yet the tides of moonlight and the silence of sunlight once forever knew


Tho my eyes are tired I know the light redeemed from the memory of a dream resides til the lives unsent yet unbelieved… Never is the dare. Never I swear til the distant moons for all in time. Ever the care of the love of the dare. Ever will wear a love like heaven


Passing from schemes to brighter dreams because I believe in u… I’m no longer deemed a devil in your eyes in text nor ever despised I recognize. I realize there will now always be a caring friend of few I’ve known. I don’t quite realize the reason, other than my willingness to any demise for your heart you’ve shown, and thank u that you have let me rely in your eyes… Yet I know now is no longer the time… Still glad for the magick


For your love I would ride the night amidst the dark far from heavens sight where I lose every question every height of glory for your love… For you mean more to the eyes of a fool who loves you for you… I also would share the light I found in the night where I choose to come again for the many times we have become friends… For the many times of distant moons have fallen to leave the wind for us… The many times we’ve called for the the breeze of the river to cool us


christ, did you reallly write these in 1 minute each?? honest, you have talent. imagine if you spent some time on one . . .

no these from a few weeks :slight_smile:

still good :slight_smile:

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