Another poem I may or may not have shared

Ì can’t see him
Asking many questions
Leaving them unanswered
Trying to make him leave
Leaving black dark crevasses
Where his feet heavily
Crunching the very soul
That led him here.
I looked around me
To see if he had gone
Praying to see nothing
Wishing I could make him
Just a figment
Of my ever growing
Brain fog.
But I opened my eyes
And peering over
My right shoulder
I could see that sarcastic smile
If I was stronger
I would have slapped
That sinister grin
Right off that evil face
I can’t even begin to tell
How deeply he bruised
My soul
And cowered at the thought
Of his sickening hands
Touching me
His putrid breath
Smelling like he’d consumed
A dead carcass
I often wondered if he was
A man
Or a demon sent
To haunt me
To make words
Entering my brain and
Spewing out of my mouth
Like torture
Vomiting out of me
Seeping through the cracks
And pooling on the concrete
I wanted to be rid of him
But my weakness
Had become my enemy.
Scared to let go
Scared to fall if I did
A year has passed
And I still feel
The warm
Dizzying stench
But now I know
I am more powerful
Than the sickness
That demon dragged me through
I no longer believe
In this dark and evil place
In this all consuming
Fairy tale
He is gone
And I no longer
Live in his shadows


you really bring out how disturbing this was.

I like the short phrases and lines,

yeah, it didn’t need punctuation.


Thanks. Its meant to be spoken poetry so the lines come out how I say them in my head if that makes any sense

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