Random act of kindness

I was driving around at 3:00 am over the weekend. I was mostly driving on a major street here. They call it a highway but it’s more like just a wide, 4 lane, road. Anyway, I was hitting all the fast food drive-thrus. I drank a lot of soda and I was looking for a bathroom but I couldn’t find one so I pulled onto a parking lot behind an office building to relieve myself.It was dark but I came upon someone sleeping on a mattress thrown on the ground.He was obviously homeless,he had some meager possessions strewn about. I had several dollar bills in my car and on a whim I leaned over and rolled down my passenger side window. My car had woken the guy up,so I called over to him. I grabbed some dollar bills and shouted out to him,“Hey here’s some money”. He started to get up but this guy was huge. So I shouted to him, " Here’s a few dollars but you’re pretty big, I 'll throw them out my window to the ground". He understood, and I threw out 5 or 6 bills and then I drove away. It made me feel very good and it brightened up my night.


You know he will probably end up buying drugs or booze with the money you gave him - I’m just guessing

so what? u just made his night a little easier!

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Yes, that’s the cliche. But I doubt that’s true all the time. For all we know he could have went out and bought food.


Aww that was really sweet. That probably meant the world to him.

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Yeah he could have bought food, that was still a good deed - a nice thing you did Nick

I always did appreciate it when people gave me a few bucks. Yes, I did buy booze once in a while, but I also bought a lot of water. Two bucks also got me into the local community center for a shower.

Four bucks also bought me a blanket from the good will.

What ever he spent it on… either you relieved his pain of addiction, or his pain of isolation or his pain of cold and hunger…

Thank you Nick. You made someone’s night a little easier.

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If i was a homless, probably i would drink every day. What else to do it will be boring, being on the streets 24/7

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