My good deed for the day

I was driving near my house about an hour ago and it was dark and when I was driving on a side-street and I saw a women was standing in the middle of the road near a parked van. My window was down and as I passed her she shouted, “Hey can you give me a jump?” No one else was around and I surveyed the area a little and I thought why not? So I drove past her and I turned around.

Now, of course I was wary. A little healthy paranoia kicked in and I thought, " She could have a couple of people hiding in the van to mug me.This could be a trap". But I decided to stop anyway. So with a little caution I pulled up nose to nose next to her car. She seemed to be in her fifties and she told me that her boyfriend was in the van and he was in a wheelchair. So she had her own cables and she hooked them up and I started my car and she tried to start hers .

Now this was one of those situations where it gets kind of weird sometimes. I was thinking, she’s a total stranger and is every thing as it seems? It took me back to my drug using days when you’re partying and scoring drugs with someone you don’t know and you can’t read their minds and you’re thinking is this guy going to rob me? Is he as friendly as he seems? Is he going to cheat me? or is it just two people sitting there smoking crack and nothing is going on? Anyway, this ended anti-climatically. Her car started, we exchanged a few friendly words and she thanked me and I drove off feeling good about myself


good for you Nick, my good deed of the day was not breaking a guys face when I helped his now ex girlfriend get her stuff out of the apartment… YAY FOR BOTH OF US!!!


Good job overcoming that paranoia and helping that lady…and good job not breaking that mans face lol…i sadly have no good deeds today…no bad either hermit today…

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I think you’re good deed was better than mine, lol. Kudos for the self restraint.

it had more to do with the fact my GF threatened to cut my balls if I acted out than self restraint…

Yeah, you have to protect those balls at all costs.

they are the only symbol of my manhood I have left really, what with the man boobs big enough to motorboat lol

Good deeds are good. The potato god is pleased :slight_smile:

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