No good deed goes unpunished

In the 3 1/3 years she’s lived here, the lady in the next door apartment has only asked me 5 times to take her somewhere. We used to hate each other but we resolved our problems with each other and I’m happy to give her a ride now since it happens so rarely. It builds up good will between us too, which never hurt.

She got a new roommate about 4 months ago. She’s alright; she’s usually friendly and says hi when she sees me and both ladies have a meal service that delivers meals and food to them once a week and they give me milk they don’t want and prepared frozen dinners they don’t eat. And as a thank you I sometimes give them soda that I buy on sale or some Crystal Light.

Yesterday, I gave the lady who I’ve known for 3 1/2 years a ride to 7-11 which is about 4 minutes away. It was the fifth time I had ever given her a ride and we talked and it was nice. But her roommate saw this and asked me for a ride to the store. I didn’t want to do it but we’re friendly so I said yes. I didn’t feel good about it because I think the only reason she asked me is she saw a moment of weakness in me. I took her tonight but I told her I’m not doing it regularly and she bought me two 2 liter bottles of soda for taking her.

But I still resented it a little because she asked me in a moment of my weakness. And she used to do drugs and probably has a little bit of “con” in her as most addicts do. When I give rides to neighbors I want it to be as an occasional special favor, I don’t want to do it a lot and I hope this lady doesn’t try to take advantage of me.


It’s good to have a link with neighbours

Think it’s a good thing to help out where you can

That new roommate seems like she thinks you do that for the other person more often than you do, so I think you were right to establish boundaries.

Was a nice gesture for her to buy you something I think.


Yeah, good answer @Joker. All true.

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Why cant they call an Uber

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I prefer not to do/accept favours…

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I have “friends”, (if you can call them that), that drive me around to Church and to Church related functions, all for free. I’m very blessed.

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