Quitting smoking techniques

Hi I want to quit smoking and so far nicotine spray helps but it is a long process. I did manage to quit for 3 months on nicotine spray but in the end jumped to cigarettes. I know menthol sweets are good for quitting. I tried gum and it only makes me dehydrated. Nicotine patch is too stimulating for me and makes trouble falling asleep. Any methods you used and suceeded?

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have you tried inhaler… if you use the spray and it works. try it again, and if you feel like the urge to have a smoke grab nasal spritz instead.

Been going cold turkey. Ive slipped up a bit in the last year. But I’ve spent more time not smoking than I have been smoking. Just trying to stay positive. Any nicotine replacement therapy does two things for me. Makes me realize it’s not as thrilling as a smoke. And also just becomes part of the loop of smoking again.

I switched from smoking weed, shisha, cigars and cigarettes to nicotine salt vape. I haven’t smoked for over 5 years. You can get menthol flavored nicotine salt juice. If you can completely stop smoking without vape its better but I couldn’t.

Get rid of tempation by throwing out lighters cigs papers etc …
Find a friend to quit with you …
Buddy system works! :grinning:

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Tell a friend or relative to take care of your cigarettes, get for example 10 cigarettes a day, you get used to this with time. Thats the best tip i have.

Quitting smoking is easy. I have done it 20 times.

I was on the nicotine lozenge for 3 and a half years. I basically replaced 1 method of nicotine with another.

Smoking is probably the grossest habit ever.

The good news is if you want it bad enough you’ll get it. It Just takes time.

Nothing will help you get rid of smoking. Only you can do it. You have to desire and commit to yourself your action of quitting smoking. Write on a paper your goal and how you will quit smoking in detail. Predict the future and write on paper What will happen when you quit smoking. It’s not easy but be creative and put an effort . And tell me if it worked out

It’s been 5 hours since my last smoke and craving to eat is crazy… I don’t know what to do about it

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I quit once after being hypnotized.

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