Quitting smoking is hard as hell

Craving so big idk what to do? I hope you are fine and not smoking . That ■■■■……need to respect the body. Have a good day


Yes it is. I switched to vaping and then switched to lozenges and then gave up.


I smoked for 30 years…i “learned” how to do it in a psych ward in 1992. I quit almost exactly a year ago…and this week was diagnosed with COPD. I’m having an exacerbation of it brought on by a cold, and every night i can’t breathe and go to bed hoping it’s not my night to die. Quitting smoking is no where near as hard as living with what will most likely be my future cause of death…i cried in church yesterday cuz it’s made me so sad to have this in my future.


Oh @WhiteRaven my heart breaks for you, that you have this. And after quitting. It seems cruel.

I wish everyone trying to quit the best of luck. Hang in there, all of you.


I’m on a medication to quit, and I still have a mental or psychological crave which I can’t beat. It’s tough, you’re right


It’s one of the biggest challenges for smokers. And have very big benefits for successors

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I’m off tobbaco and using a vape pen constantly. With me also nicotine is winning.


I succeeded three years ago. Shameless flex!

Last night I had a dream I was trying to light a cigarette but my lighter wouldn’t light. Three years later and I still dream about cigarettes weekly.


I quit once for 18 months

Went back on them to help me cope


I quit for a year once which was amazing for me. I used patches. But I also lived in a group home or room and board and had $40 a month for spending money so I just slept all day and drank coke zero sometimes. I did nothing for 1-2 years probably. It did some good. Gave me perspective in life.

But ya, when I ‘had to leave’ because my grandmother needed help taking care of my grandfather (I was a caregiver) I started drinking energy drinks again, smoking cigarettes, and listening to Tool eventually. I got triggered by Rosetta Stoned by Tool and the ‘aliens’ lol. Being a caregiver was super stressful it was like a full time job or part time job basically pretty much…it was taxing, but sort of worth it and worthwhile…

It gave me empathy and sympathy…I changed over 1,000 diapers in about a year!

I enjoy smoking now (been years now) but I’m so weak now and tired. I sleep 12 hours a day easily. I’m lazy. Lung cancer is a concern for all of us. It’s expensive too.


I quit smoking cold turkey 20 years ago.

I recently quit Swedish snus which is tobacco that you put in your mouth and suck on.

I still feel the craving after snus. Tobacco is highly addictive and it takes a long time before you stop feeling the urge.

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I’d like to quit smoking, but I do enjoy it.

Honestly I could not go back to spending 300 a month on them no matter how bad I craved one.

“Smoke less often,” you might say, but I got that all or nothing personality with cigs.

I quit every 3 days to a week or so… Longest streak was 1 year or so…

It’s addiction…271717