Quitting meds

What experience do you have with quitting meds? I’m considering not taking the shot since I don’t feel like I’ve had psychosis :confused:

Only through a doctor :cat2::cat2::cat2:

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I can’t meet a doctor before the shot :frowning:

Without the say so from the pdoc is a bad idea.

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I know but my pdoc wouldn’t approve anyway because they think I lack insight

Does your country have compulsory community treatment orders? Look them up. Trust me you don’t want one of them

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Why would I end up in that?

And no my country doesn’t. They do however threaten you with police and forced treatment if you don’t take the shots but can’t do anything unless you’re psychotic


I think your issue, Crystal-Cotton , is your age. Your 15 if I remember correctly. So isn’t the final say in your parents hands?

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My parents can’t legally have a say on medical treatment anymore I think

ok. I don’t know the rules of your country. I know when they gave me my first shot I had to go to court with a judge and lawyers to have me take my shot and hold me longer. But I’m well over 18 so…

Why court? :confused: im scared of that

That was just for me…I had a hearing to determine whether they were going to hold me longer in the hospital and give me a shot. I dunno about you.

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But can’t they keep you there without the court if you’re ill?

They can keep you there for awhile for “observation” but eventually they have to give you a court hearing. They can’t just hold you indefinitely in my country without a day in court.

@Crystal-Cotton, are you in the US? If so, the dr absolutely can have you ordered to appear in court and be forced to take your meds. At 15, your parents can take you to court too

I’m not in the US i’m in Finland

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Ok. Check the laws there. I highly recommend listening to your dr and accepting treatment

They can’t force here unless you’re psychotic or suicidal or have a bad eating disorder


Well your dr thinks your psychotic so you can in fact be forced

I guess you’re right… last time I got involuntary admitted even the court approved of it and said i was mentally ill

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