Is anyone here on a court order

I just came from my appointment to get my court ordered treatment reviewed they said I should be on it for another year how do I get out of this thing I want to choose whether or not to take meds

Im a religious refugee,they won’t let me go until after they sap my energy and life

hi Sheryl. lifes a bitch when on a court order. get help if you can from a lawyer.

hey. iam on a court order chapter 51. right. so this is how it works most likely you did something that somebody in your life thought u are not safe or u just dont take your meds. so when you go to court unless you have like the best lawyer in the state you are not going to win. like me i have to take a shot every 3 weeks. not because i want to because they say i have to or go to jail or hospital. the only way to beat this next time you go is prove to them that you are safe and you have not done anything out of the normal you. but this is were they get you when you say that you have been fine. they will say because the meds are working that is why your fine. trust me it is a never ending cycle. i have been committed for 4 years now. and i am recovering from SZ and they still wont take me off. so i hope this helped good luck

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Im in Europe, and actually sentenced for treatment. Its been 3 years and Im looking for my last month. They let me go because Im so destroyed by the harsh medical treatment, that I pose no danger :anguished:

Im already sensing the social workers wanting to take my new liberty from me, and get me too a hospital. I also have a case aginst them legally for mistreatment, but I doubt that anything wil happen, because the psychiatrist in charge is such a liar.

iam sorry to here that but just do this one thing for me.keep your head up when you are having a hard time or going thru some thing. just member me saying to you keep your head up alright

okay, I will do that. I dream to move to another place soon, my country of origin!!! Fresh start.

You will be a free man sometime also.

thank you and i hope the best for you

Here in Portugal is just a few months, i’m in voluntary treatment now. If I wished to go without meds, I could.But also from now on if I relapse and get hospitalized again it would against my will but my own decision because I said so in court.

what state are you from Sheryl?

I am on court order and they said once I complete the program I can be

free from the court order. what does your deal say after another you have a court to decide if your sane.

Here in England UK you can still refuse treatment when on a court order.

I am from Michigan


have you seen the dukes of hazard (the tv show from the 70's)  well basically they would commit some low level crimes but only because they were good then, escape to another county or in your case state maybe and the sherrif and police boss hog could not ever caught them. if you case continues and you dont like the meds just move and stay out of trouble. but if you stay out of trouble anyway they will probably let you go. I hope that will ease your trapped mind a little.

Today my sentence for treatment was abolished. I feel so relaxed now.

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