Quitting haldol

Is it a bad idea that I don’t need haldol anymore and that there’s a great chance I’m cured or maybe some stupid freaking doctor just gave me meds for zero reason

I dont recommend quitting. Youll have to wait ages gor you to get back to the stage you are now in terms of recovery after a relapse.


Yeah idk I feel cured this is not a April fools joke either I feel great

Oddly a few days ago I was sad depressed and stuff like that but now I feel perfectly fine

I quit haldol a couple months ago Or something. I weaned off it slowly. Very slowly. I got it down to 2mg. Then weaned off 2 mg over a month. 10 days later everything was getting bad. So i had to start taking it again.

It’s on a genetic level that the illness develops. The genes create proteins that malfunction which is what the meds target.

You might feel okay right now, but depending on how quickly the med undoes all the hardwork. You’ll probably end up with symptoms again.

I dont think anyone in their right mind would suggest going off of antipsychotics without a psychiatrists treatment and observation of a case

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That sucks part of me is wondering if I’m going slightly manic I have weird thoughts either way I’ll be ok :ok_hand: if I’m cured then nothing can go wrong

Honestly you shouldn’t do it without doctor supervision and you definitely shouldn’t cold turkey

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Idk if I said it however I take long acting injections of haldol I’m not going to get it tho and keep in mind I know what I’m doing lol

I feel like im getting kinda manic too. I think its spring coming. Im diagnosed with schizophrenia. But everytime almost all of em ive been locked up was like april to july. 8/10 times probably. So im actually gonna take more haldol for a while. I feel really weird. And in some ways i actually thought i was cured the last 3 days but at the same time i wonder if immjust losing insight instead. I cant tell the difference. But i feel different and weird. Its prob a bad idea to stop ur haldol.

Trust me man. We all tell oursleves we know what we’re doing when we hate the meds and the illness. Being in denial of it will end up in hospitalisation and your recover will have to start all over again, and it may be even harder the next time. Depending on how much damage any eventual psychosis causes

From a place of care from one patient to another. Please talk to your doctor and trust their wish to help you

Yeah I’ve been in the hospital twice in full lockdown it sucks but now I know what I’m doing plus 10 other times I think lol this time I’m gonna stay happy and not do stupid ■■■■

I always think “i can handle it this time”. Ive prob quit meds 100 times

You might not. Maybe you should try Geodon and Seroquel. They’re AP’s that control my symptoms without making me a zombie. Ask your pdoc if you can get on those drugs. Any time I have come off any AP I have messed up.

Sorry to hear that but idk I’ve ■■■■■■ up a few times and went into full “psychosis” but when I thought I could cure cancer I felt so damn good to bad it was a delusion maybe I’ll take my morning meds I think you may or may not be right

Also this might be caused Because I missed my night meds lamictal and clonazapam lol but I feel ok

i always felt amazing when i’d miss my meds, at first…but it all fell apart before long

Do you think missing lamictal could do this idk :woman_shrugging: I really don’t know and don’t wanna go into full lockdown

yeah probably…its a mood stabalizer so maybe ur going a bit hypomanic and feeling good…so u think that u will do well off meds…never make an important decision when u missed or changed meds…it might be better to take them consistantly for 2 weeks then see how u feel about it. or at least think about it for longer. you will prob change ur mind


Consider asking for Geodon and Seroquel. I actually feel more creative since I am on those drugs.