Is there anybody on haldol 0.5?

Is there anybody on haldol 0.5 with no hallucinations and is doing well?

Today I visited my doctor and she said I shouldn’t have schizophrenia, at some point I had psychosis and only when I suddenly stopped my the antipsychotic I was taking I heard voices…

Normally they make sure you got all the symptoms for more than 6 months, before they will consider giving the label over here in the uk.

Haldol is my “crisis drug” Only ever have it in hospital. Im bad with the side-effects on that stuff.

I honestly dont know how people tolerate it.

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I have Haldol 5 mg prn if I need it but I haven’t needed it in months…it typically knocks me out and helps hit some “reset” button in me.


Do you take another antipsychotic daily?

Do you take another antipsychotic daily??

My goto is abilify in the hospital. As soon as i leave the hospital i start asking for different ones lol

I didnt like Haldol. I am good with only Invega 100 mg monthly depot. I am trying my best to stay on monotherapy and not have another relapse.

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I’m on Clozapine 200 mg and Vraylar 4.5 mg. I just use the Haldol when I’m coming a bit apart and need to sleep really bad.


Do you get withdrawals when you stop the Haldol?

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