Quitting abilify

I think im getting dysphagia from abilify. My food is sticking in my throat instead of going down, sometimes it’s regurgitating, and even water is difficult to drink now. I think i have to stop taking this stuff.

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I had this problem on 6mg risperidone, now on 5mg its much better.

Im only on 5mg abilify. My doctor says that dysphagia isnt supposed to be a side effect at my dosage, but i can feel it. Im extremely worried about choking so i think i have to quit.

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It’s funny you mention the difficulty swallowing. I began experiencing this when Abilify was increased to 15 mg, but I never made the connection. Thanks for the info

How long did it take to go away for you? Im afraid of eating while this is happening.

Right after reducing my dose, its not completely gone I still choke on water when drinking fast but its a lot better.

I hope it goes like that for me. Im very afraid right now. It’s been getting worse for the past week.

Im afraid of falling asleep because i might choke. I didnt sleep last night because of it.


That’s terrible can’t you get a meds replacement that doesn’t causes this scary side effect

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Yeah, it’s time to switch meds.

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