Hard to swallow

I’ve been having a really hard time swallowing for the past couple months. It’s especially hard for me to swallow meats and veggies if they are even slightly dry. Sometimes I can’t even swallow my own saliva without trying 10 times or drinking water. What is this? I know there’s a name for this condition. Planning on bringing it up with my pdoc this coming Wednesday.

I’ve asked my psychiatrist about a similar symptom before. Just describe the symptoms to your medical or psychiatric team. They might appreciate it if you don’t self-diagnose, anyway.

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Definitely ask your doctor. It’s possible it could be a side effect from medication.

Is dysphagia the word your searching for? I guess look up ‘antipsychotic induced dysyphagia’ or something like that for more info. I dont know if thats what you have or not, but I’m guessing that that might be what you are referring to.

I had this problem on abilify it went away after I got on another antipsychotic medication abilify sucked a lot during the end