Quit caffeine today, anyone know how long the withdrawals will last?

I went from 1 strong cup to 1 cup of decaf.

Feeling kind of sluggish, low motivation.


Probably about a week.


I’m staying decaf for life now. I don’t see the point in drinking coffee. Our bodies are meant to have the energy it needs without stimulants. It only causes anxiety and doesn’t make you feel better.


To quote an already gone user here ‘‘a little anxiety ain’t bad’’.

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It’s nice that you are getting off it though. If it’s making you feel bad.

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I struggle with the caffeine a bit.

After my panic attack last week I gave up the 7-8 Diet Mountain Dew that I drank every day. I’ll drink 2 Diet Pepsis a day now…the difference has actually made my heart rate slower. But I also quit the cigarettes, even tho I still vape. I can’t really tell the difference with the caffeine yet.

I’m down to just a single cup of coffee in the morning and no other caffeine.

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I can’t drink coffee because of ulcer issues, but green tea seems to be ok.

I usually have 1 cup a day. Provides a little motivation and energy I feel which is countering the sluggish feeling from zyprexa.

Maybe try out tea. Especially green tea is good because it is alcalic instead of acidic. Has l-theanine in it which is good for sz. Has less caffeine than coffee, like 40mg pr serving, while coffee is around 100mg pr serving. Also you get a different kind of boost than coffee, feels different.

We are all different though, hope you are sucsessful in quitting if it helps you.

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I’m trying to get off caffeine too. I did cease the other day and ended up with a bad headache. So my friend said have a cup and it will go away. I did. It did. I’m afraid I may be stuck on one cup a day.

I’ll play around with tea and see if I can get that down to one cup of tea and continue to drop down from there. I really don’t want to quit so that makes it even harder. I love coffee so much.

you could try tapering slowly. Like really slowly, over several months. Then the withdrawals should be much less noticeable.

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I drank so much coffee that now I just take caffeine pills. It’s cheaper and easier on my stomach.

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