200 mg of Quetiapine - it really does knock me out!

So I was put on Quetiapine 200 mg for schizophrenia about a month ago. One pill before bed time.

My psychiatrist told me I could take up to 800 mg per day if I feel that I need. How could I possibly do that if 200 mg totally knocks me out.

I’m taking it every single night for a month now. And it still knocks me out. Does it really suppose to work like that? I mean I can’t live like this, I can’t sleep all day all night. I though one month was way enough to get use to it.

Any thoughts?

Ps. I’m on aripiprazole 15 mg twice daily and lamotrigine 100 mg twice daily.

Stick to 200 or possibly lower to 150mg.

The sleepiness will remain the same and will not get better or something unless u reduce the dose.

I have been on clozapine since 3 years and I still sleep 12 hrs/day.

I’m on Seroquel XR (Quetiapine). It’s a slow release tablet, which means it won’t knock you out the way regular Quetiapine does. Ask your doc if Seroquel XR is available

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I agree. The XR is a lot more gentle than the immediate release.

The highest I went on Seroquel was 300mg.
Seroquel knocked me out too @mongolina.
I’m sorry that you are having a rough time lately.
Please talk to your doctors and therapist if you have one.
Hang in there @mongolina.
It will get better.


I’m on 25mg Abilify a day and also 200mg Lamotrigine a day. I have also been on 30mg Abilify in the past and that also knocked me out. I think the Quetiapine and Aripiprazole are both heavy on you. I will really talk to my doctors about it if I were you.

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Aripiprazole is fine on me, the Quetiapine does all these things. But yes, you are right, I need to talk to my psychiatrist.


Quetiapine is the biggest sedator out there. I am on 600mg - it does get milder with time. But it took me about 18 months.

If I were to do it all again I don’t think I would take it. It is the biggest zombiefying med there is. If you are on aripiprazole you might not need the quetiapine. Speak to your doctor.

Ps are you in the uk too? For some reason quetiapine is popular by doctors here.

25mg quetiapine knocked me out. Strangely, when I was taking 600mg it wasn’t so bad, but a 25mg tablet and I would crash out and sleep for 12 hours. I’m taking aripiprazole now and it isn’t sedating which is great, although I am having some unpleasant side effects, but my psych said this should get easier with time.

What side effects of Aripiprazole are you having?

I’ve been feeling a really intense ‘inner tension’, irritability and anger… Apparently some agitation is ‘normal’, although it doesn’t feel normal. My psychiatrist thinks this will subside as I up the dose to a therapeutic level and my body gets used to it. In the meantime I can take diazepam if need be, which does help.

Diazepam helps me as well. Forgot to mention before. I take it once I feel anger or tension

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