Questions about schizophrenia

Do you believe there is a spiritual component to get better and off of medication? Or is it simply time related to how long treatment might last? Or is treatment just forever no matter how well you are with yourself?

I’m not gonna lie I have been beating myself up bad lately that i’ve been so unwell for so long and I don’t know what to do to get better. I tend to think getting better means getting off of medication because I don’t do too well on it, I wish I was wrong though. I wish I could just take the pills and be happy.

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but this has been on my mind for a while now and it’s eating at me.


I used to. One day I was happy that I’d gotten rid of my (actual) demons etc. So I came off meds. My thinking went wonky after a few weeks and I couldn’t cope. So I went back on them.


It is very hard to say.

1/5 people get off medication from what I read.

1/5 remain worse off.

3/5 outcomes are in the middle.

Resilience is the key for those who make a full recovery according to science. Also, likewise, usually people who have 1-2 episodes of psychosis make a full recovery.

When I see my history I realize thar I may have to remain on medication for the rest of my life. But, the good news is that there aren’t many side effects and I am symptom free.

Also, Nasal Sprays, and new inventions and therapies targeting different things in the brain may come out. If there are little to no side effects of the medications, what is wrong in taking them?


I managed to come off meds totally after five years with sza but seven religious years later I still had symptoms I never realised was still sza and when I relapsed I couldn’t come off meds ever again. That was ten years ago now. I’ve tried healthy diets too and self help but meds essential to me

I believe natural healing is important for everyone. But, if I were you, I would take the medications as your doctor recommends.

Rather than spiritual healing you mentioned since I’ve learned to respect the forums rules better you could say a natural healing can occur.

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Having hope in something is a good thing. But the meds are important, you dont know yet, but there may come a time when the med you dont like right now, can be a consistency that is irreplaceable and your body gets so accustomed to it, that you function normally - some of us have never known what normal is because the sz was always dormant and neither us nor the the healthcare people ever knew. We just masked it all.



It keeps coming up here and the answer is always NO.

It’s an illness and it’s manageable through meds and therapy.


The most helpful thing is to forget that you were diagnosed in the first place and to trust your judgement no matter what because the truth is that everyone is prone to irrationally because we are only human. If you doubt yourself and let others make decisions for you that is worse for your mental health than anything else.

That is shockingly bad advice. My judgement is anything but when my insight is blown.

If you are afraid to make decisions because you think you are delusional you really can’t live your life. Only you know yourself best, schizophrenic or not.

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This from the guy who told another user to use booze to taper off meds.

Read the site rules, dorkus.

I said with Doctor’s oversight…

Nothing wrong with microwave’s advice, it’s actually pretty accurate and relevant to me I think. I don’t know about forgetting the diagnoses part, knowing what i’m dealing with seems like a better idea but the part about being afraid to make decisions and not being able to live my life part.

No I don’t believe that

That’s what they say

I do feel better after reading this. I am just going to happily comply with my treatment best I can and hope for the best. (:

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