Questions about neuro-supplements (GABA)

I’ve been looking at GABA… in concept it seems to act much like an anti psychotic… restricts brain activity… using the brains natural chemistry.

My main question is about effective dosage. I know this varies for everyone. So I’ll ask it like this.

If you take GABA as a supplement, how often and what dose and what are the effects/effectiveness of its use?

Taking as needed is an option in how often.

I read somewhere that pure GABA can’t cross the blood brain membrane so doesn’t do much on its own (not sure if this is true or not). But apparently if it is attached to niacin it can. I think this molecule is called picamilon. Think you can buy this.

Just read the FDA might have banned picamilon.

@Jimbob did they say why?

it is bonded to a b vitamin but not niacin

… guess I should buy a shitload then…

Any case… there are probably other natural sources of GABA.

I like supplements though… keep the diet simple. Fiber/Protein…(and cheese)

To be honest I have heard that gabapentin on its own does help relaxation. Give it a shot - don’t thing it could do harm.

I tried it actually, but it did nothing, good nor bad. It doesn’t cross the blood brain barrier as jimbob said.