Questions about abilify

I’m taking 6 mg of abilify. Does anybody know the lowest amount of abilify. I got side effects the last time I took it. That was like 8 years ago. So I’m scared to take a normal dose. I can’t remember the amount I took the first time. So what is like the lowest dose that works?


I believe the lowest dose that is considered effective for psychosis is 10 mg. It comes in 2 mg tablets, but those are for people taking it as an antidepressant booster.


Don’t worry about the side effects early. Just worry about your mental state.

Abilify is notorious for akithesia early but that passes for most folk so stay on it.

Seriously. Side effects are pointless if your suffering from positive symtpoms.

I took 10mgs at least but don’t quote me that was long ago!


6mg is around the cutoff for it to be an antipsychotic. maybe move up to 7.5.

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The best thing to do is ask your doctor.
And there are no antipsychotics that don’t have side effects to some degree, it’s a necessary evil, so to speak.
Plus, often the side effects are more prominent in the first few weeks and them they lessen.

You should take your meds per recommendation from your psychiatrist.

But, to answer your question, I seem to remember 15mg is the minimum therapeutic dose.


Thank you for all the input. I also take 300 mg of clozapine at the same time. Still experiencing positive symtoms so I want to take more abilify.

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I started taking abilify from the year 2005. As far as I remember the lowest dose is 5mg. Abilify should be taken once a day without regard to food. 10 mg is the therapeutic dose. 15 mg is the optimum dose for sz. Doses above 15mg were not proved to be more efficacious than the 15 mg dose. The maximum dose is 30 mg. You should not exceed 30 mg. In my case my doctor felt that 15mg drug is not sufficient for me so we went up to 30mg without any major side effects.

You should consult your doctor always before changing the dose.


I think 5 mg is lowest? Note anything under 10 mg doesn’t function as an AP so don’t expect it to be doing jack for your symptoms. I quit ability because of the side effects.

I have quit meds and then gone back on later to see if maybe I wouldn’t get the same side effects but I always would. Maybe you should pick a different med.

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I know personally a woman patient suffering from Schizophrenia for 20 years(chronic Schizophrenia), who got complete relief and symptom free with 5 mg of Zyprexa. She used the drug for 6 years happily before developing Diabetes and had to discontinue the drug.

Do you mean to say, it is different with Abilify? I don’t know. I think doctors start with the lowest dose and gradually increase the dose. This is because no one can predict what dose becomes the therapeutic dose of the drug for that particular patient.

Yes it is completely different with ability, medications have different dosages. For risperdal lowest effective dose is like 1 mg. For others it is several hundred mg. That’s a property of medicine…you don’t see the same doses for everything.

It is clinically proven that at 5 mg ability does not act as an antipsychotic. Some drugs have different functions at different dosages. Not all APs work in the same way.

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I need to raise the mg through my pdoc.other thn that its ok

That’s ■■■■■■■■. The minimum theraputic dose for abilify to act as an antipsychotic for schizophrenia is 10mg.

Less than 10mg will do nothing for you.

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