Question on Latuda

My gf started on Latuda, which seems to be great for her. Except one thing: she went to the dentist yesterday for a regular cleaning, and he said, “What have you changed? I’ve never seen your gums bleeding like this!”

Any ideas?


Latuda can cause problems with blood cells, but typically with white cells such as leukocytes, neutrophils, and granulocytes. None of which would cause increased bleeding or bleeding of the gums.

I’ve been on Latuda for 4 years and I’ve never had bleeding problems or bleeding gums. This sounds like gingivitis, and not an effect from the Latuda.

Nonetheless, it’s something that should be discussed with her doc.




I just started Latuda and I’m experiencing bleeding of my gums when brushing my teeth. I have never had a cavity and have always brushed with the same amount of pressure. Nothing else has changed in my lifestyle. I believe it’s the Latuda. Is your girlfriend still taking Latuda?