So had bleeding gums. Got medicated toothpaste and mouthwash

Seems to be working 1515


What??? Your gums are bleeding ???


I also had this! I had early stage gingivitis and ended up using medicated toothpaste for it.
How is it going so far? Mine went away pretty quickly after using the medicated toothpaste.

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What is the toothpaste medicated with?

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Hey folks. Thanks for the replies. Not sure what is in the special toothpaste but all the blood has stopped

Good job. I have late stage gingivitis and have lost teeth. Oral care is hard for me.

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I get infected gums sometimes with bleeding.

It can really hurt too.

I brush my teeth twice a day but do not really floss.

I did not know there was medicated toothpaste.

What is it called and where did you buy it from?

I might like to buy some.

Good stuff that it’s helping you and thanks for sharing.

My dentist has been telling me to floss for years. I just rarely do it. I think regular flossing might alleviate bleeding gums. And of course brushing your gums whenever you brush your teeth will make your gums a little healthier and stop some of the bleeding. Go gentle on them though!!

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