Question:Men on antipsychotic

Do you get sexual dysfunction,I am surely having high prolactin and having issue with my dick,it’s not very good at all,what about you?

When I was on very high Seroquel and high Zoloft, I had nothing to me. I was non-sexual. That part of my body stayed forever asleep and motionless. I hope this isn’t too much TMI, but if I ever did try to masturbate… nothing ever came of it. I had no urge… no anything.

But when the meds got switched, my anatomy started waking up. When my brain was interested… then the body would follow… not the other way around.

There are still come complications here and there, it takes me longer to catch up to my girlfriend. But eventually we’re learning how to work around med complications.

There are somedays when I’m stressed, not doing well that I can’t even focus to even think about sex. But I’m lucky… patient girlfriend who is happy with hanging out and taking life slow.

No. I just take longer to climax. Which is a good thing for girls. I jerk off rather often, like 3-4 times a week.

Um if you want to get an erection there are things at GNC or other vitamin/supplement shops for that.

I have working man parts. I have had partners since I got on meds and I just lasted long, didn’t have any trouble getting things going. If I go for like a week without activity below the belt, I dont last as long.

By the way, foreplay and exploring each other is the best part about sex other than the climax. But once you climax you’re like “What the hell, where are my clothes, get this used condom out of here, I want nicotine.” lol

Out of all the antipsychotics that I have been on, Risperdal is the worst offender of sexual dysfunction.
My libido is also greatly reduced. Risperdal is famous for raising prolactin and causing sexual dysfunction.
When I was on Abilify, I did not suffer from sexual dysfunction - Normal prolactin levels

If I understand correctly this research says that 40% of sexual side effects are attributed to prolactin so that means 60% are the result of probably dopamine inhibition and other things

Is it possible to talk with a doctor and discuss getting on a certain medication?

@Peavy A good doctor is responsive to your concerns. He or She wants to find the best medications for you. However the first priority is getting you mentally stable.

I was on Risperdal at first and had no libido. Now I am on Zyprexa and have no sexual dysfunction.

Risperdal ruined my sex life, no ability to get erect and no way to lose weight. I was suicidal until I got on Abilify. Got my man ways back but unfortunately it made me unstable. I am now on prolixin (fluphenazine generic) and I feel like myself sexually. no side effects at all if you can look past the odds of getting tardive dyskenisia.

Alright, I’m really hoping to be able to get on something that won’t mess me up. I have little to no medical record on what I can’t take. All I know is that Bactrim easily puts me into a violent episode.