Guys does antipsychotic cause sexual issue for you?

I have asked this question before,but I wanted some new idea and discussion about this topic since we are mostly anonymous.I do think antipsychotic make my erection weaker and I also had premature ejaculation issue.I do not mind taking this meds if I feel they don’t cause this issue to me,but it’s causing these issue to me and I don’t think I could stop taking it because it’s not realistic for schizophrenic to not be on antipsychotic only a small percentage,less then 10-20% would be able to stop taking them forever

Yes, i have sexual dysfunction.
I told my psychiatrist and he said
“that’s good, many patients would wish
to be like you”.
Pretty insensitive of him

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Very insensitive,tbh they don’t care…they just read on paper and deny your thoughts and feeling.Rarely you would meet a good caring understand psychiatrist.Most just follow the book without exception.Human brain is a mixture of Logical thinking and emotional thinking,it’s bad to treat mental health patient by following books and steps

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No matter how much they seem to care,
at the end of the day, it’s not their problem.

They finish their day and go back
to their families and their happy life.

They can’t even imagine our suffering.

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Does sildenafil work for you. Some generics are good and cost not too much. I need them nowadays. I do think it’s due to all the meds I take for psz and epilepsy and indirect because I am overweight and out of shape.

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People is selfish,I admit I am somehow too but I wish I am smarter and have had more power in my life.I am not a leader,I am a follower and it sucks.I am trying to change things to work for me,but tbh this schizophrenia thing really limits my ability and effort,I hope I am cured of it or recover completely from it

Not all of them have happy life’s…some of my pdocs had issues too…I could tell that over time seeing them…it’s maybe that the calling to become a pdoc is sometimes or often stemming from own difficult childhood or traumas related to childhood. The interest in psychology and psychiatry must be due from some experiences they had…

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What a dick
Well it isn’t a thread for women, but I want to say that I’ve lost almost every interest in sex since I went on meds. Okay that made it a whole easier to break up with my ex
And sorry for interfering.


It’s not their problem.
They may feel sorry for us,
and maybe pity us,
but still they don’t know
how it feels to lose your mind

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It seems like all my nerves are dead down there, now. Ever since Invega Sustenna. Hasn’t really gotten better since switching meds.

What I mean, is I can’t be aroused (even by myself), intercourse is painful, I’m dry as a desert and lube doesn’t really help all that much, and orgasms are a thing of the past.

Hope that wasn’t too detailed. But that’s my experience.

Libido is almost non existent. Takes me an hour or more to reach orgasm, even by myself.

Fiancée and I fool around, and we keep each other happy, but if it wasn’t for her I probably would of given up on the whole “Sexual being” long ago.

Guys, thats a real bad thing. Sex is important, you guys dont miss it?

I always had and complained of high sex drive. But now on 6mg Risperdal my sex drive is normal eventhough my testosterone is low and my prolactin is too high.

I did for me during the time I was taking them

@Blossom summed up my life exactly

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I found that I couldn’t orgasm on higher doses of flupenthixol (Fluanxol).

Now, on clozapine, I don’t have a sex drive, but I can orgasm, although the volume of cum is very low, in comparison with what used to be normal for me. Fortunately, that suits me fine since I’m not trying to breed.


Yeah, when I went to the urologist and I told him my medication, he just insta-prescribed me daily cialis.

What dose? Any side effects?

TMI Warning:

It sometimes takes me an hour just to climax when I’m fapping off.

Risperdal causes ED and retrograde ejaculation where very little comes out.

I’m too embarrassed to bring it up to my pdoc, she is a female.

She’d probably just shrug it off anyway knowing her.

Invega did cause problems for me. Abilify does not.