For the women: hormones & psychosis?


I was wondering: do you women notice influence of your hormones on psychotic or other symptoms?

I do, severely. My psychosis used to be completely predictable by the time in my period. I’d only have psychotic breaks 1 day before menstruation. Now I can have psychotic or depression symptoms in between period, but still there is lots of fluctuation. Endocrinologist thinks I might have menstrual psychosis.

The last couple of months were bad anyway because of zyprexa withdrawal. Now I just had 2 weeks of horror, with the last few days before my period being the most awful - extreme anhedonia, emotional pain, suicidal thoughts, psychotic thoughts, anger, chaos, thinking I’d never experience a happy moment in my life again and I’d better end it and go straight to hell, because I was the most horrible and dark person in the world.

The moment my period came, my mood cleared up. I’m still different than I used to be, but much more close to normal. My mood lifted, I can feel somewhat happy and loving and interested in others again, I think maybe God doesn’t hate me as much as I think He does and I have made mistakes, but am not the most horrible person in the world. I even found myself singing today!

I’d really like to have a more stable mood, cause these mood swings are rather extreme, but well…being somewhat happy part of the month is a definite progression from horror all the time.

Do you notice these kinds of fluctuations as well or is this just me? Is there anything that helps?