Question: Do you think your favorite animal says something about you?

Like behind your back?


They probably say they wish I was dead so they could eat my rotting carcass since it’s the turkey vulture

Psychodynamic theory says yes.

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You lost me, lol.

It’s just old school psychology

I used to have a subscription to Psychology Today when I was in high school.

I want to learn psychoanalysis. I plan on getting the traditional MS or PhD and then going to the New School of Psychoanalysis just to be the â– â– â– â– .

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Yes, I think my pitbull misses me getting drunk.

Yeah, why not? Grab yourself some power.


what in the world are you doing ??

I can’t watch this. I shouldn’t have to

what ever. It’s time to ignore you now…


Well back in middle school when I was highly depressed I chose the snow leopard as my favorite animal because it was beautiful and strong despite spending the majority of its lifespan in complete isolation. The species is actually endangered partly because they live so far apart from one another that breeding may never happen just because they never bump into another of their species all their life.

So I think that said something about me at the time. But most people I think it doesn’t mean anything.

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Are you planning on being lacanian, and treating your fellow people suffering with psychosis? I’m assuming you know him but if not, Google lacan, he’s a French psychoanalyst, who worked in the asylums, he was shunned by Freud and the like due to the fact he wouldn’t have long sessions wth the severely ill sometimes only 10 minutes. Sorry If you do know him!

i have two droids…but they are very polite !?! :computer:
take care :alien:

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No. It cant be. How could it :blush:


At first I thought - undoubtedly, but then I decided only if you’re obsessed with it.