The bird pic

Hey everyone, there are some “close friends” so called that I was into conflict with. They know I use this site my facebook and everything and just talk ■■■■ to get back. Maybe its a delusion but it hurts because I trust to easily and whatever. Allwell i dont really care anymore what anyone says to an extent. Alright sighning off.


is that you, butteredtoast? where’ve you been man?

My avatar???vg

I bought a bird for 200 dollars and it doesn’t even like me. It adores my apt mate tho, plays, picks it up kisses it. Anyone else that goes close to it, it attacks

What type of bird? Mine were $45 for 2. Parakeets

But they’re priceless in my mind

Both of them are scared of everyone

I’m guessing you got a parrot or something exotic

monk parakeet, aka quacker parrot

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We had one at the nature center I worked at

They are loud!

Pete can be very therapeutic . Give him lots of treats I hope he comes around for you

It definitely hurts.

Similarly, I try not to let my employer knows the same.

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No my avatar for click bait to get people to read my :p.

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Video game bingeing for days :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the support, now i feel more level headed and that there is more to life than specific events that happened.

Glad you’re feeling better now. Some people know I hang around here too, leaves me uneasy

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If you just don’t know anyone you have nothing to worry about :stuck_out_tongue:

It seems that is what this illness has been driving me towards the past couple days. Meh :smoking:

When I move to WA I will have tons of friends but as of now it’s just my internet friends and a few old weed buddies I don’t hang out with anymore

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Same feeling but god the way my friendship time periods have been lately starts to make me wonder if i have sociopath qualities :anguished:. Allwell nothing I can do but keep living. I need to start seeing a psychiatrist

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Are you feeling the need for meds?

Ya now its pretty much unbearable but still have a check. Ive been running up my credit card and paying it back on stupid stuff lime entertainment and pizza :joy:

Oh man so sorry to hear that. Schedule an appointment right away, while you still have the ability to do so.

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