I feel like Dr. Doolittle ( loving animals a bit too much?)


ok, I feed a pack of stray cats every day. (costly) and I pet the neighbor’s dog that never gets attention even though I might get in trouble. (I don’t care) and I tend to my girlfriends dogs as they were my own. (they are). Anybody else have an uncontrollable love for animals like I do?


I love my dog to death but that’s about it. I hate cats.


Yeah, animals are cool as ■■■■.

But i get sad alot of the time because they are so incredibly boned in this life. It’s really wrong actually. They have nothing of a life. The animals life is very wrong.

My love of my dog swings back and forth, it goes from wow this guy is freaking cool to holy ■■■■ this cool little guy is probably going to get cancer and die soon.


I sometimes feel a stronger connection towards animals, than I do with other people. I love the simplicity of their nature and uncorrupt mind, and they are just so damn cute :smile: It would’nt surprise me if I end up as Crazy Catlady.


yes but I have a two year old labrador and sometimes he really tires me out!


My cat gets so much affection from the family that he reminds me of a dog more than a cat. Everyone says he’s the biggest cat they’ve ever seen, but he’s really not all that fat. He’ll always sleep with you at the edge of your bed at night and start purring because he’s happy to see you. If you give him kisses on his face he’ll try to lick your lips like a dog.


i prefer animals to people.
take care :alien:


Much the same as darksith. Prefer animals to people.