I need your guys' opinions!

If you had to describe Schizophrenia as a beast or animal (even a conglomerate of different animals), what would you say?
I plan to draw out a beast and can’t really imagine one in my head at the moment.
I’m also going to draw a beast inspired from the medicine I take.

Not sure this was the right place to post but soon I’ll try to draw the end result digitally based on what you all think.
I’ll be sure to post the end result in Creativity of course.

Lion-Dragon :smile:

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That sounds really neat, I’ll have to put that down for an idea.

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A Venomous snake.
Insidious and dangerous.


I like that, so adding that to the list!

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with medicine of course


Hah, I like that!
Good one, I’ll probably be able to use this some how.

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It’s a fox, 151515

Perhaps a silver fox?
I’m going to add it to the list!
Foxes are one of my favorite animals.

I meant as tricky as fox,

Ohhh, duh, that’s good symbolism I can’t believe that didn’t occur to me.

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oh yeah a fox tail would be cool, oh maybe that’s not scary like unmedicated sz

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I did have something drawn that could kinda look like a fox if you can see it, though he’s primarily a wolf, but it was one of the voices in my head.

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So a mystical being? What kinda symbolism does it hold for you?
I like hearing peoples’ interpretation of symbolisms on certain things.

It scares me…

Ohhhh okay, fair enough point.
I’ll add it to my list then!

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A crawling insect of some kind :spider:

Stairway to heaven

Well, I think mind goes to next up generation, but body remains in present era. So it unbalance.