Question bout your voices

well last night i was laying in bed and for about 45 seconds all i could hear was beeping, and then i ((sorta)) heard someone say ‘what is that noise, christy?’ it was very quiet, not like a whisper. it almost really resembled a thought, except ive never talked to myself with my own thoughts before, i have intrusive thoughts very very often but never anything like that. after i ‘heard’ it i sat and thought… did i just hear that? does anyone get what i mean? also, after that happened the beeping stopped.

Well, yeah. Is this not okay? Is this just another thing I should put on the list?


Sorry, let me try again.
What you spoke of is pretty common with me, but I never considered it a problem, because in time, all the voices make sense.
Is this something you consider a problem, or maybe just something new and not wanted?

it’s something new that’s for sure… i’ve only experienced hearing a voice a handful of times, and a majority of them were questions being asked and that was the end. but i’ve never heard my name before either.

besides maybe just thinking i’ve heard someone say my name, but i believe that’s pretty common with everyone right?

Not my name, but names of my ‘characters’ that are a part of me.
My mom hears her name called in the voice of family members just prior to their death, which wasn’t known to her at the time she heard it. this has happened 4 times in her life, the last time was last year.

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i believe in stuff like that without a doubt

I hear a voice in my head. Just one. Multiple people talk to me but only one talks to me at a time. They do, occasionally call me by my first name when they are talking to me. It is weird. Of course I may just be crazy and talking to myself in my head but I don’t think so. I think someone else is talking to me and that, of course, is what makes me delusional and MI! :grin:

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My voices use my name all the time, even when they are being really evil. They call me names sometimes, but they always use my name in the end to clarify that it is me they are talking about. They want me to know they are talking about me.