How do your voices talk to you?

I’ve been wondering how voices talk to other people like me… Like do they talk in sentences or do they talk jumbled stuff. Mine can at times be quite coherent but others make no sense at all but I understand them nonetheless and what they are trying to communicate. But I just wondered what it’s like for other people? So how do your voices talk to you? I’d really appreciate something because this is my first experience of knowing others who hear voices up to now I’ve felt quite alone and I’m naturally curious t know I’m not an individual in my experiences. So I hope I don’t upset anyone by posting this just wanted to know. Thank you and take care!

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Two of mine are very coherent and scary and scientific and lewd. One of them (the panic man) is just panic babble.

The other, “the commentator” just comments on everything I do. “look at that guy… confused by a door, it’s just a door dummy. hopeless”

Then I have one once in while that observes and comments… “Hum… picked the big spoon over the little spoon… interesting… hum.”

Sometimes I hear sentances that has nothing to do with what I’m doing. I call him the Historian. He tells me about the romans, stone age and so on. Also he sometimes debates politics with another of my voices. These are outside of me.

I also have a dirty voice in my head. He changes words to nasty ones. It can be any word I think or am about to say. Maybe this one has tourettes like me. Haha

They also comment on what I do.

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they used to talk in complete sentences. For example, I would pour a glass of whiskey and one of them would say “it makes him sicker” or when I was exercising one would say “arent you a happy little devil!”

mine r just like real people and can converse on any topic although they tend to stick to certain topics. infact i’d say their variety of conversation is quite limited. they talk more too me than about me, usually put downs or trying to engage a delusion but i’m a lot more adept these days at both dealing with the put downs and heading off a delusional track however long they try and convince me that what they r saying is true. welcome by the way. xxx

Cool post. My voice speaks in short sentences. It always makes sense. I wonder how he is able to maintain speaking constantly while making sense because I dont think a human could do that. They would need a break or would run out of speaking material. For some reason my voice is never short of material…though a lot of material is repeated.

in english !
take care

I’m new to recognizing what I hear as voices, and I’m glad to see somebody else experiences the same thing on this particular subject. Most of the time they speak short sentences, and not many of them, but i can dialogue with them… Sometimes they are crystal clear, like a real voice, and other times their voice is kind of warped or slowed down, or speaking blibbidy blabbidy garbled nonsense, but I sometimes still get an idea transmitted.

Lately I’ve been saying “WHAT?” back to them when they do this, in hopes that they can repeat themselves in english, but usually they kind of fade out when i do that like it’s not worth the trouble or something. Except for Tom, he’ll give me a bronx cheer or some other obnoxious noise in return and then laugh at me.I think he does it on purpose

Wouldn’t it be odd if your voices answered you in a language you didn’t know…
That would be interesting… :hushed:

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Mine spoke in spanish to me, before I knew I was going to marry someone who spoke little English. Kind of a crash course training.
Before an (Asian) song for a few hours. ? Sounded pretty good, still have no idea.


For me it’s more like creativity. If something bad is happening, and I’m not like “consciously” noticing it, but even if it’s at a distance somewhat, then there will be a reaction if there is a danger or if there is an important discovery. I think it’s natural. I think these hallucinations are natural to the human condition and evolutionary life-span.

I’ve heard multiple voices tell me not to post on this forum, the previous one, because people read it and not to “broadcast information about myself” online. I even hold debates with them, sorta. I can ignore them to my good or detriment. I do not give them power over me. I do not believe that voices are of God or Gods. I’ve worked on using the ability to my own advantage. At first it was chaotic, now it is not. I trained myself. I discovered neuroplasticity, and I broke down the conditioning of the psychiatric system. I still struggle though, meaning I know there is no cure for some of the accompanied stress whether or not it was enhanced by the system and the way it was organized.

My voices sound like real people. People I have come in contact with. People on the news or tv shows. Famous people or normal people. But I don’t like them reading my thoughts. I feel like I don’t have any privacy. They get mad at me and sometimes pick on me. I feel depressed when I wake up because it becomes another cycle of people reading my thoughts. I just want to be left alone.

I hear famous people too. If u don’t mind me asking, who do u hear? Mel Gibson and Melanie Brown are my main voices but I hear over 170 other famous people both living and dead. But I don’t believe I am telepathic though. What makes u think u r?

How do you communicate with famous people? I’m just worried that they can read my mind and that I would think something embarrassing so when I think a famous person can hear me and me them I freeze up and don’t want to say anything to them. How can you tell them you don’t want to talk to them or how do you? Sometimes my thoughts come out really wrong. I really don’t want to talk to anyone just want privacy.

Well they say it’s telepathic communication but I don’t believe that at all. I think the voices come from my own mind. They r no less disturbing because of that though. Whose voices do u hear? Do they have an agenda? Do they talk about anything specific?

I think like real people they want to get to know me but I just want to be left alone. So I wait to see if there still there and I try to ignore them. Sometimes I see President Obama or Bruce Willis, pretty cool people but I clam up and don’t want to talk them. Also on top of that I think intrusive thoughts and I would think I made a bad first impression which is mostly always.

I hear alot of voices, one is Devon he makes rude comments about me and others tries to convince me to hurt myself or other people. Aaron comments on everything but very negatively, like “oh your going to eat that, its poisoned you know” then there is the lady who doesn’t have a name she makes mean comments about me in particular, the first time i heard her was when i was walking past a beauty salon and i heard a woman’s voice say, “go home you stink you whore” and it sent me into a sheer panic i think i ran home or at least sped walked.

When i’m in stores i hear other voices like commenting on me and saying mean things. I use to think when i was delusional that i could read minds.

How odd! I hear Bruce Willis and Barack Obama too. Now we can’t both b right can we. So either one of us is telepathic or we’re both ill. Personally, IiI prefer the illness explanation. Do u hear anyone else at all? I hear all the old school American and British stars. Billy Connolly. Tells me he’s going to break my neck would u believe! Mel Gibson and Melanie Brown say they r going to give me a stroke or choke me by sticking their hands in my airways.

Just asked Bruce Willis the names of his children. He named 3 of them but ommitted to mention his 4th child so the programming for his voice must have been put in before she was born. So no. Not telepathy at all.