Question about caring for your teeth

For the past few months. And I’ve always had trouble brushing my teeth. For you it might be bathing. But bathing to me is a warn blanket. I do neglect my teeth. I get complacent more than anything. I get it cleaned then I say I don’t have to brush for 2 weeks

However since my last appointment they told me to get ACT mouthwash

So I’ve been brushing 1-3 times per week. But act mouthwash 2-3x per day. And I floss once or twice a week. It’s easier for me to mouthwash. My teeth actually don’t look horrible.

Is dentist approved mouthwash enough if I’m doing the other things??

Ideally I should be brushing 14x per week. Alas it’s not in the cards for here.


A dentist once told me that you don’t need to use toothpaste to keep your teeth clean. He said that the brushing alone was enough. Maybe that might make it less of a chore?


I just brushed my teeth, flossed and mouthwashed.

Maybe posting about it helps motivate me to do it cuz it’s on my mind??? Maybe this will the official Tupac did you brush yo teeth thread!!!

You guys can check in on me and report your progress too with your own teeth brushing adventures :tooth:


Truly whatever works for you, theres no perfectway to clean to your teeth, do what makes you feel most comfortable really, i brush my teeth once a day and i have no cavities, also i use a cheap 1 dollar mouthwash at bought from dollartree it does its job. So yea your fine. I also use a dollar whitening gel for 5 minutes once a day. Thats my teeth cleaning routine i use everyday.


Dude, I neglect my teeth and am paying the price. Try to force yourself to brush as much as you can.

I am missing teeth, had one rot and break off, and may get yet another abscess.

You’re doing ok, but don’t stop with the stuff you are doing or you can end up like me.


Try to brush at least once a day.
That’s what I aim for although some days I’ll skip a day, which is not wise.

Like @Gamera said, you really dont need toothpaste


I brush my teeth and shower everyday. I don’t like the way my mouth feels in the morning when I wake up and I don’t like the way I feel physically when I haven’t showered. I need to be clean to feel good.

However I rarely floss, and my dentist is always on my case to floss.


I try to brush my teeth everyday. Sorry, the idea of not using toothpaste grosses me out. I floss really well once a week. My hygienist seems to be happy with that.

I take either a shower or a bath twice a week.


i am terrible at keeping my teeth clean, i kind of keep an eye on them until thye look pretty bad with plaque or tartare then i brush but its not often, i really should do it more :frowning: there are a lot of things that i fail on and one of them is brushing my teeth, they dont look too bad but they will get worse if i neglect them like i am doing :frowning:


I struggle with it too. I just put on orajel because it hurts so bad (tons of cavities and messed up teeth).

I don’t think mouthwash can replace teeth brushing, but I’m sympathetic with you on the struggle. :heart:

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TRIGGER WARNING :warning::teeth

Amazingly enough they look like this now

I think mouthwash especially ACT is underrated

But certainly will try and brush my teeth mas con el threado :wink:


You’re teeth look good in that picture but I’m not a dentist. I started brushing my teeth with toothpaste twice a day this year. Once in the morning after breakfast and once at night after dinner. I think my teeth are good. Sometimes I brush my teeth after lunch too but I don’t think it’s needed because I just have a ham and cheese sandwich for lunch every day.

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Thanks for saying that @AshKetchum

I wasn’t sure if I was just overrating them or they weren’t as bad as I thought they’ were

Good job on you brushing good

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When I was in college I worked for a dentist as an assistant.

You need to brush your teeth.

Even if it’s just the one time before bed,

That ■■■■ is important.

If you don’t start taking care of them now,

In about five years, they’ll start rotting.

It’ll be a painful, expensive mess.


I have always been rubbish at brushing my teeth

My teeth have stains on them from coffee and cigarettes

Have not been to a dentist since before Covid-19

We actually know our dentist socially as a family friend.

Sunday I look at her driveway, and I am going to see if I can get a cheeky appointment for a deep clean

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Dentists are so expensive seriously :flushed: in USA hard to get insurance for it either

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We have set prices here.

A check up and something basic is fixed at like £50, then it can go up to about £250 if you have a crown or something.

When I first saw this dentist we know, I needed 10 fillings, and she only charged me £50

Very lucky.

It’s hard to find an NHS dentist in England which doesn’t have a massive waiting list

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I brush once a day, floss and use mouthwash occasionally. I’ve got a ton of fillings and I don’t particularly want to increase that number…

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What matters mostly is the fluoride. If you get a mouthwash with a good fluoride content, yes that technically should be enough. I wouldn’t say it’s as good as brushing your teeth at removing plaque, but plaque basically just makes your breath stinky and teeth feel gross/irritates your gums. Fluoride is most important for preventing enamel decay and cavities.

I almost never brush my teeth, or use mouthwash or floss. I go into my dentist at the recommended times for cleaning and get special super fluoride treatments there. I have had no cavities since starting those treatments and I drink monster energies daily and brush my teeth like once every few months if even.

Im exactly the same Tupac. I like my body feeling clean, and I don’t have much issue with showering daily (sometimes more if its hot). But my teeth are a struggle. Its so easy to say “I’ll do it tomorrow” and suddenly its been a week without doing it at all.

I found mouthwash was easier to commit to too. But my current dentist told me not to use it as it was rubbing off the fluoride. TBH I don’t know if its true, because my previous dentist was the one that suggested it. But I guess I just follow the advice as hes my current dentist.