Alot of talk bout showers

But what i wanna know is Dose anyone else have a teeth brushing issue… I do mine like once a month if that, plus im a smoker so my teeth r slowly decaying away… I just cant remeber and even if i do, i just dont do it…

I have trouble brushing my teeth. Like you, It really bothers me. My therapist has me do this thing where I write down a dash every time I do it and some other tasks and if I do it enough times per month, I give myself some kind of little gift.

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Honestly I maybe only do it once or twice a week. I need to do it more. I’m scared my teeth will rot :grimacing:

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I used to be bad at it, but I’ve made it my morning ritual to brush my teeth in the morning.
I always start out my mornings by going to the bathroom, so I make sure to leave the toothbrush in a place that is visible from the toilet and sink.
That way, I see them and think to myself “Might as well do it now that I’m here”.

Honestly, it’s really bad for your teeth not to brush every day. Even if it’s just once per day, it helps protect the teeth.

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Nothing pisses me off like fury teeth does.

Me I do it twice a day without fail

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This is a big one for me. It’s a long term problem. Was noted in the psych records when I was an in patient in the early 80s. I don’t actually dislike brushing my teeth but seldom think to do so. It’s certainly not an automatic process as it is for most people. Whether this is a cognitive thing, applicable to many others with severe mental illness/schizophrenia , I don’t know.

I clean my teeth everyday, would be gross not to

I don’t do it daily and it’s a struggle but I at least do it 3-4 times a week.

The mouth harbours more germs than anywhere else on your body aparantly

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