Question about caring for your teeth

i brush my teeth once a day… prob would be best to do it twice a day but i can’t bring myself up to do that.

Please everyone, brush your teeth everyday. Even if you just use the one-time disposable waterless brushes. I used to take terrible care of my teeth, and then had 2 break in the same week. When I went to the dentist to get it fixed, he found 19 cavities, even though my teeth looked fine in pictures. The damage to teeth happens internally, and by the time it shows up in the mirror it is way too late. So far, it has cost me 11k to fix my teeth, and I am wearing braces at age 32 which is just…super embarrassing.

I now brush and floss after every meal.


Mouthwash is not a replacement for brushing and flossing, sorry. I hope you manage to start brushing daily.


Getting the right toothpaste can make a difference too. And getting regular check-ups and cleanings. After your next check-up ask your dentist if he recommends any specific toothpaste. I use Sensodyne myself because my enamel is so worn down. But I had a lot of cavities so my dentist gave me a tube of anti-cavity toothpaste too.

They say that you are more likely to accomplish goals if you write them down. Maybe get a cheap calendar or a chart and record every time you brush your teeth. Seeing it written down may inspire you to do it more regularly.

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Ideally you should have a routine for brushing. When I wasn’t working and back at my parents house i brushed twice a day at wake up and at bedtime. When I started working I started brushing once a day before bed, but sometimes if I lie down in bed before brushing I fall asleep without doing it. That only happens sometimes.

But if you are having trouble brushing as part of a routine try to brush whenever you can. If you can brush atleast once in a 24 hour period it will reduce the bacteria in your mouth and plaque buildup.

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I brush 2 times a day with an electric brush with toothpaste, one after lunch and the last one before bed.
I can’t sleep if I don’t have brushed my teeth.


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