Hygiene thread: brushing yo teeth

What are your teeth brushing habits? 75% of the time I brush my teeth it’s in the shower. Dentist recommends 4 minutes of brushing your teeth a day but I do about one on average. If I shower, I always brush my teeth…but not for 2 minutes I think. Some days I don’t brush my teeth. My teeth are fairly white all things considered. Do you have trouble brushing your teeth? My barber suggested me to wash my hair in the shower twice daily, I was like ya right… All this hygiene stuff have become greater tasks as time went on. I shower 4 times a week…sometimes go 3-4 days without it. Also have a problem changing clothes.


You should shower twice a week, and try to do your teeth as needed, with brushing and Crest mouthwash.

If you let it go more than a week with teeth, it will cause heart disease.

I tried going down to every other day or every three days for bathing, but I’m one of those people who gets gross fast once I pass the 24 hour mark.

I have an app that reminds me to brush teeth twice daily, bathe once, take meds and vitamins. It is helping quite a bit to keep me on track.


What’s the app? I’d probably ignore it sometimes but may help. I also forget to put on deoderant. I can make the excuse I’m a dirty hippie at least :grin:

Fortunately I haven’t forgot to take my meds in a long time, it’s enstilled in my mind for when I wake up (only morning meds and 1 klonopin at night)

I bathe about every 3 or 4 days but since I recently went to the dentist all that time makes me brush my teeth every day…that and I floss about every 3 days.

It’s a habit builder app, not especially for this purpose:

Android only, very naggy, but it’s working great for me for avolition and motivation problems.

I found an app called productive

Very similar it’s on iPhones

I put brush and floss in for now

I bath every 2 days. its not good to wash your hair every day I think wow :/. its not good but I have problems more with brushing my teeth yack… but I dont look so good, all the stress and the depression are not helping me to have a nice look wow …

:blush: I brush my teeth in the shower as well! Everyone thinks I’m weird for brushing in the shower.

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I try to take a shower every 2 or 3 days.
I will be honest, sometimes I forget to brush my teeth and skip a day.
I will try a little harder not to do this.

I brush my teeth twice a day. Sometimes I forget to and brush once.

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hahahah. I’ve never met anyone else who brushes their teeth in the shower too.
I only shower like once every week and a half or so. but I always brush my teeth when I shower, I try to do it more often than that, but it’s definitely not daily, or for 4 minutes every time.

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two minutes twice a day is whats recommended :thumbsup:

Let’s make a brushing your teeth in the shower fanclub…me you and turtle

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it’s always been so normal to me. I grew up doing it, and people think I’m crazy if it’s ever brought up in topic

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I brush my teeth twice a day.
I brush them in the shower but not always in the shower.

They used to use gum from trees to chew on for teeth and also a root to chew on that cleanses the teeth.They still use this some people.

I some times use mouth water and floss but not daily but am trying to do so few times a week.
I went to a fabulous hygienist this year, few months ago.
She was so thorough in cleaning them it felt like.

Probably a good investment to go once a year if one can afford it.
But depends on what teeth one has etc.

There is different tooth pastes ive tried.

Some say flossing is good for the heart or prevents heart disease.

i shower like 6 days a week and brush my teeth once a day for a minute

I need to brush my teeth more often

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whoever said that not brushing regulary can give you heart disease i curse you for making me feel really paranoid, i have chest pains sometimes and now i think it is something to do with that, why do you have to say that? trying to scare me to brush my teeth? not good.

I was raised by a dentist that said so.

If you curse me for such then im sorry for you.

It was not my meaning to worry you.

The person who said it to me said it as advise not to worry me…
i dont curse the person who said it to me or anyone.

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I brush my teeth for 20 seconds on each surface. I floss, mouthwash, and brush twice a day. When I was psychotic I would use a tiny bit of toothpaste from a travel sized bottle, because I thought people were poisoning my toothpaste and food. This new habit is pretty recent. I was in a right pickle before!