Qestions to IT graduates or related experience in programming

A question to people who had any experience or degree in computer related fields .
Do difficulties with cognition, motivation related to sz made you slow at work or even quitting?

I am tired of working jobs around people or dealing a lot with people and I see choosing web development as a career does not require a lot of interaction and communication compared to other jobs.
also programming is somehow related to my college degree.
I really need to have a job since ssi is really difficult to get and pays barely nothing in my country ?

I need your advice if any
how schizophrenia affected you?
Is it possible to have a job in this field with schizophrenia?

Thank you :blush:

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I think @Joker is a data analyst.


My degree is in a completely different field. I started working for a company as an entry level grad and worked my way up. Although I did a lot of research based methods courses - which involved using things like SPSS

I smoke a lot, and drink many cups of coffee. They’re my supplements in a way. Waking up really early helps me as well, as I need to adjust everyday to be fit for work. Takes 2-3 hrs.

If you’re selective you can easily achieve this in many roles.

To be honest at the start it was hell. Finding a med that works well enough is the first challenge, but I eased myself into work slowly and it has been successful to a good degree.

You can afford to take breaks, as if you can save as much money as you can and not spend it, you’ll be able to take time off without drowning in bills - I just came off a 2 month break

If you find the right company, right job and decent people, you’ll do just great.

The important thing is to try

I had no choice like you but to work as I was basically homeless at one point

Feel free to ask anything if my answer sucks :wink:


@Joker Thanks for sharing your experience. How do you explain gaps in your work history? I was just diagnosed a few months ago and want to take a break, but am worried employers will be suspicious of a gap.

Self employments contracts

Hi, I am currently studying computer science in university. Cognition wise I have short term memory loss on abilify, the issue was less on lurasidone , it could be almost nil on brexpiprazole according to a lancet study, I do have some issue with studying such as forgetting what i wanted to ask my prof almost immediately after i thought of it but generally if i did my homework and stuff i remember what i learned.

I have no problem socialising with people and you should work on that skills as l5 or higher roles and position requires you to communicate a lot with other people.


I think people with programming experience always deals with logic.
They dont develop sever symtomps.
Just my understanding.

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Yes, but you have to enjoy it. If you hate it you won’t go far.

I freelance as a computer technician, have for years. I have a number of local businesses and residential clientele that call me when they have computer problems.

I’ve built office computers, home computers, setup private cloud servers with Linux, email and web servers, setup and programmed a few websites, troubleshoot problems, smartphones, smart tvs, etc…

Clients come at me with all kinds of problems. Sometimes I have to think on my feet and figure it out in real time, other times I have to research it, most of the time I already know the answer. I had one business wanting me to setup a QNAP NAS which I had never heard of before so I had to download the manual and read it, but I got it working the way they wanted. Other times people ask me for my advice on what to buy.

I’ve never had a problem. It’s an intellectual challenge and it’s one of the few things I enjoy doing. Most people I deal with are clueless about technology so when I help them they get really happy, and then they give me all kinds of compliments, it’s a good feeling and motivating. And I make money too of course.


Thanks for your answer @Joker
What are the many roles that not require many social interactions ? Other than IT related

There are plenty, but I’d encourage you to go out of your comfort zone and you’ll find interaction easier over time like I did

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