Work Performance and Schizophrenia

I am just going to paste what I just texted to my mom, I’m currently 4 months away from finding a new job due to my current job losing the contract to a competitor.

PASTE:So I am having a hard time concentrating and keeping my thoughts organized, I’m trying not to let it bother me but it is and I am worried about how it will play into whatever my next job is, I know it’s pointless to worry but I can’t help it, I’m not at the top of my game anymore, I’ve been faking it til I make it but I dont know much longer I can successfully do that END PASTE

I have applied to jobs that I am qualified for but I don’t know how I can really keep up the act that I am thinking fine and normal, it’s been a long 2 and a half years adjusting to schizophrenia.

I don’t really know what I am expecting to hear from anyone on here but I am trying to cope as best I can with work and schizophrenia. Luckily I haven’t had a formal talk about my work performance but I feel like I am only able to do so much.

I would do disability if I could pay for my child support but I think my child support payments are about equal to what I have heard disability pays.

I am 30 which is too young to stop working but maybe I am out of my element now, I honestly can’t judge my abilities any more and I lack the quick thinking I used to have.

I will take whatever advice you guys have, maybe I will have to do less involved work but I really need the money to pay for child support.


what kind of work are you looking for? if you don’t mind me asking

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No, no problem, I was going to list it but forgot, I am mostly a chemist by trade, kind of open to other work now but my degree is in chemistry.

ah ok – my suggestions for work are wayyyy below your potential paygrade.

I’m not familiar with anything in the chemistry field, but I was going to suggest maybe looking for work at a library or deli or something. I’m going through a similar problem where I find working to be difficult (luckily I’m on benefits now). But I have desired maybe working in a library or deli at a grocery store, something slow-paced but still pays somewhat decent.

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Don’t they adjust child support to match as your income goes up and down? In other words, if you make less money won’t they lower what you owe each month? And wouldn’t they make another adjustment because you suffer from a disease that is debilitating in many ways?

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You definitely have a complicated situation and having to pay child support only blurs the solution. Hmm! Would you be willing to take a less stressful job with fewer taxes on your mind though with lesser pay? Would you be willing to do a lifestyle change and eliminate some non essential expenses? Best wishes for you. And maybe your temporary solution now is just to vent your frustrations on a forum such as this.

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I am stuck with this being my temporary solution as lately I have just been a bit off.

Today I couldn’t wake up this morning and when I did wake up I was in a fog and my concentration was screwed up, I am trying not to let this stuff bother me but I am being affected by schizophrenia lately.

I don’t really know what I am trying to get out of this thread but I am reaching for some type of help, my mom has said it might be good to talk to my psychiatrist but I don’t really see anything influencing this mental state, I don’t have positive symptoms so I don’t think I need a med change as it had been effective for 2 and a half years on invega.

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I don’t think they can garnish disability benefits…

Talk to your employer. It is SO expensive to hire and train new employees, the odds are they that would be happy to keep you in a reduced capacity, if possible (it may also mean reduced pay or it may not). I think it is worth putting your cards on the table with your manager and expressing an interest in finding a way to adjust your role so you can continue to add value to the company, but in a way that doesn’t damage your health.

Please let us know how it works out? Also, a tip of the hat to you for doing what you can to keep up your support payments, that’s decent of you.

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I am not sure as to what capacity I can continue working for my current employer after the end of March 2020, they say they may have spots for us at a similar account but it’s all just a maybe.

I think I can have my role adjusted if I express my concerns before the end of March, I agree about how expensive it is to train new employees, my worry is that I won’t be able to adapt to a new position which should be on the horizon.

It’s a fair bit of worrying that I have done, isn’t really getting me anywhere but I am definitely undergoing some cognitive decline, I appreciate the advice guys.

It’s understandable that you’re feeling low with news like this. I have had issues with work, and the sticking plaster that I was given was an antidepressant on top of my AP.

It seems to have now lifted my mood enough that I am more resilient than before. Maybe it might be worth a try to get yourself stable before you reach out for new employment?

It’s common in the industry I work in that contracts change hands on a regular basis. I have avoided the fall out on a few occasions. I hope they can accommodate you else where.


I thought about maybe taking some time for myself and my mental health but I am trying to adapt to whatever is going on as best I can, maybe I should lay down some conditions for myself before continuing as though nothing is different.

It just isn’t that appealing to slow my roll, I really don’t want to be giving in and losing to this disease but if that’s the way it is going I guess it is what it is.

Just got back from having another concentration episode, was supposed to bring a coworker something and brought the wrong thing, this made 10 minutes turn into 30 minutes.

My focus is poor, my attention is just messed up, I am so glad it’s Friday, hopefully I am in for a quiet rest of the day. Does anyone else have issues with concentration and focus?

I have trouble at work with remembering directions. I think it is a concentration thing. If I can just work at my computer and have everything written down I do fine.

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You might try being a security guard, but they might not hire you if they know you’re a schizophrenic. I think I could handle being a security guard, if they would hire me.

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Only the U.S. government can garnish disability benefits. So, if you are behind on your taxes, or student loan payments, or you owe the VA any money, you get garnished.

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Don’t worry too much. I’m sure another business would be happy to hire you. For me, I do best in a job with low call volume, steady but not heavy work flow, and paperwork to process. Maybe make a list of what you do best at and find a job that fits into it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’ve had a lot of jobs (25-30) and I’ve
failed at a lot of them but I’ve also been successful at some. My jobs are labor or entry level jobs; stocking shelves for example or being a handyman or my current job as a janitor.

Ive found that in a lot of jobs I wasn’t the right fit or maybe I didn’t like my co-workers or I didn’t like some aspect of it. And I got fired or walked out. But then I find jobs that I liked and succeed at.

I call this “finding my niche” jobs. Jobs where everything comes together and the work isn’t too difficult, my co-workers are OK, it pays OK, it’s a good atmosphere etc. Those jobs are offered on Craigslist or online somewhere or a newspaper and they look like any other job advertised. But if you get lucky (sometimes you make your own luck) you stumble on some job that is a “niche job”, one of those jobs where it’s comfortable and you fit.

It’s why you or me or other people shouldn’t give up. I’m late for work but employment agencies are excellent for finding jobs like that. They might test you to see where your strengths lie or what you’re best suited for. And if you find the right agency they will help find a good match for you.

Most of them work with companies and kind of have a partnership with them so they can tell you a lot of info about various employers. There’s even employment agencies that deal exclusively with disabled people, and even more specifically with the mentally ill. I’ve gotten several jobs that way.

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You seem very intelligent. You make sense. You’re logical. I remember you saying that you’re a chemist, right, but afraid you can’t do the job.

Why not go for it? I think you could handle a job that challenges you AND pays enough for child support. I commend you on your dedication to your children’s lives.

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They can garnish SSDI benefits, that’s the only reason my mom is getting back child support for us girls. She gets like 6 bucks a month garnished from my dad, but he had a lawyer knock that way down. I’m almost 35 years old, he owes about 50k back support from 5th grade on, my mom waived over 20k before that. And my half sisters (they’re full sisters) dad pays 160 out of his SSDI garnished for their back support. But he gets food stamps in IL to make up that, so he says it’s even.