Public transport

Do you use public transportation
I haven’t been on a train for years
Going on train next week


I use buses daily.
I feel nervous about it if it’s the first time I’m taking the route, because I get scared I’ll get on the wrong bus or get off at the wrong stop, but if I’m used to it, it doesn’t bother me.

Can’t do it without my earplugs and some music, though.

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I don’t ilke public transport if there’s much people there. I’m so empathic that if I touch another human being I can feel all the aspects of that human being. Also the negative aspects. Which is why I hate touching other human beings.

Used to either just walk or take the bus. Occasionally the train down to LA area for interviews for clinical trials. Nowadays I just ride with my girlfriend to do most of our stuff. We plan our trips in advance, so we don’t backtrack or drive too far out of the way.

I rely on busses, and I get a coach once a month, I went on a train in September it is very comfortable, much better than a bus and more space, I hope you enjoy your journey, are you going anywhere nice?

I am just going on half hour train trip to local city
It’s nice cos we go through country


If you get a window seat it will be good.

I like the rythmn of the train to and people bustling to different places

I used to ride buses from 1990-1997. I caught the bus for more than an hour: one-way to work and one hour back. At the same period I caught the bus to college two days a week, up and back. I was also catching buses most nights to AA, CA, and NA meetings. I was living in a board & care home at the time and on weekends I took an hour ride to my sisters house and her husband and we used to go do fun stuff like play volleyball out back of a bar we knew or out to eat. In 1997 I had some money so I bought a car and I’ve never gone without a car since.

Yea I use the tram everyday to get to work.

I love it, it’s so Melbourne.

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