How many of you take the bus?

  • Ride the bus/public transport
  • Drive my own car
  • Ride in a car family/friend drives
  • Call an Uber/Lyft
  • Ride a bike or electric scooter

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Personally I’ve just made the switch from driving my own car to now taking the bus and public transport.

I recently sold my car so share with dad but going to the city for my shrink every 6 weeks or so I take the train. It’s not bad and comfortable as it’s electric and it’s like now a 45 minute trip but your stuck pretty much on an enlarged bus. Still. I hate the bus but tolerate the train because people spread out more during the times I see my shrink.

So. Haven’t done it yet but bus is on my agenda now with no car for local if I’m hard up and dad needs car…although I walk a lot and don’t mind a big walk.

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I also recently sold my car so I feel the same struggle on the transition! Do you live in a city with good transport?

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I’m outside the city by an hour to central. Where I live is a large town so it’s pretty much the suburbs anyways so there’s local buses, taxis and ubers. I would use the buses as they can take me too the train station but without car it’s like a 20-30 minute walk to the train station. Trains are good in that they are air conditioned out here…it’s a plus and they are regular which is even better. They usually leave bang on time and you can rely on their arrival…

So can’t complain. It’s doable.

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I checked Uber/Lyft as I was using them. The app stopped working on my phone awhile ago and I have called a Yellow Cab once in a year as an emergency. With the taxi you can call them on the phone the old fashioned way and pay with cash or plastic.

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Public transport is ok. Can just relax and don’t need to focus on driving. The worst minus for me is that there sometimes are bad smells from people from bad hygiene or heavy smoking or reeking from booze. But that only happens occasionally luckily.

The difference between public transport and an own car is with public transport i am more exposed to the public as i wish, itis stressful sometimes. All sorts of people use public transport, from the homeless, tourists over labourers to stockbrokers. Sometimes there is a lot of talk going on and sometimes noone says a word in a full bus. I had a lot of small talks to busdrivers and passengers, when it was the right timing. The downside is i can’t do bulkshopping, cause i can’t carry it all and i have no privacy like driving in a car.

I have a free bus pass but don’t use it. Locally, I walk and for longer distances I take the train or drive along.

We have horrible public transportation. You have to have a car.

I’m never taking the bus again. Ever. Not even at gunpoint.

Actually, not riding the bus is a great way to avoid being at gunpoint.

I used to take public transport but I don’t anymore because it triggered my symptoms being out in the public so exposed. I lived on the streets on and off for awhile and that was during a lot of my psychosis days. Now I ride places with family.

I used to drive own car and take bus. I liked going on the bus to different places
Now I can’t drive because of the anxiety. I don’t got on bus much as my Dad drives me places

I prefer buses. They run regularly and on time 95% of the time. I also have a diabled bus pass which gets me free bus travel all over England.

Why can I only pick 2 options? I didn’t vote because of this.

I usually drive my own car or ride in a family member’s car. I also call an Uber or Lyft, when needed. And I ride the train, sometimes.

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I drive my own car and occasionally ride along with my case manager/peer support or family.

I take the bus. I used to have a car years ago. I miss it. I used to love to go for drives and go to the beach for walks or to just sit there.

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