What’s your favorite way to travel

Currently on a train. Definitely my preference for travel. Doesn’t seem as dangerous as any other type of travel…I feel comfortable and once you do it twice it seems like old habits


A taxi for me !

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By time machine… failing that on a train too.

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Get in this delorean here Marty it’s your lucky day :wink:

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I am thinking about driving a car after a long time. That would be my favorite way to travel. To drive a good car myself.

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i have travelled by amtrak a few times, one thing i found was the sound of the train on the rails made me hallucinate and hear things, it was very uncomfortable, but i wasn’t on meds at the time.

my favorite way to travel is probably by bus, because you have stops and layovers. we stop downtown in big cities and i leave the station and explore the city for a couple hours by foot, while waiting for my next bus to leave.

flying is the fastest but it makes me uncomfortable. havent flown in 10 years i don’t think.


If it’s a long trip I get bored and want it to be over regardless of the method of transporation.

If it is around town I prefer my own vehicle. I use to take public transportation bus/subway before I could drive and I didn’t like it.

If it is a really long distance I would prefer a plane over a train, only because it is much quicker.

I definitely travel using the subway if I am going downtown. Within the city I drive. Going to work I also drive.

I don’t like to travel.

When my magic carpet is in the shop for an overhaul I prefer my car or walking.

I don’t really like to travel, but in the event I went to see my sister, I would go Amtrak first. If not Amtrak, then I would fly if I could afford it. The last thing I would do is the bus. It was awful the last time.

On YouTube watching people fly or take trains.

I love flying. Take offs and landings are my favorite. But I also love road trips, so long as I can drive. I’m more paranoid when someone else is behind the wheel.

I’m not sure. I stress with travel in general

I like traveling by train most because it is more relaxed and safe. And with bullet trains, the speed of travelling is nearly as fast as planes.

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Train for me. Flying and train are the only ways of travelling that don’t cause me motion sickness. Cars make me feel nauseous and boats :face_vomiting:

Either by ship or train. I love the ocean, but have mad respect for it. The ocean is not a forgiving soul. Trains are awesome too because they’re leisurely. You can walk around when it’s moving, go to the club car and get a snack, or just sit and chill and listen to the train on the tracks. Soothes me, for one.

I’m in the US. The bus is miserable, and flying a hassle because of all the security you have to go through. I’m currently thinking of taking the train to visit my sister in September. I’ve always had good experiences riding the train.

By train

I m scared of flying though I would love to

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Car or bus for me. I prefer car but my options to ride in one are limited.