Psychosis is so confusing!

Depression is easy to understand
Anxiety is easy to comprehend.
Even bipolar sounds so clear.
But sz and sza? Psychosis? So confusing!

I mean it just entails being cut off from reality - but what is real and what is not?? How does one tell what is real or not?

Psychosis is so d*mn confusing!

Anyone else relate?

And what I’m terrified of is being told my “delusions” aren’t real which makes me a liar

It’s really terrifying!


Yes, I can relate to the confusion. The people who love me the most (my family) are saying one thing, ignore the voices, while the voices are saying all manner of other things, crazy things, threatening things, hateful things. I hear you. I am going through the same madness. It drives me crazy every day.

I experience the same exact thing. It never ceases and causes me to constantly be overwhelmed and in flight-or-fight mode!

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Yeah i hate when i can literaly feel reality slipping away from me. Its a very scary feeling

Hell, it’s more confusing than picking the right soap to buy at the supermarket.


Yeah, losing your mind is tough to deal with.

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confusing and might I add scary…

I remember when I was looking into people’s eyes and all I could see was the voice’s eyes insetad of those people’s eyes :see_no_evil:

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