How aware are you of reality versus the illness

I can accept that I have schizophrenia but some of the hallucinations and weird thoughts are so persistent and all encompassing that I find hard to associate them with the illness so when asked if I believe eg that the voices are really I say something lame like I think so, but I am not sure

What are other people experiences?

Thank you


I’m about 80/20. For the most part I can tell what’s real and what’s likely a delusion, but it doesn’t usually take much to tip me from of, that’s not real, to full on conspiracy theories.

The voices I can usually tell aren’t real after I realize they’re voices and not coming from someone walking past or whatever. Though they still nag and get to me a bit.

Visuals and tactiles I have a hard time with, though. They always feel much more real even though I can still usually recognize that they’re probably just hallucinations. They still scare me a lot.


I’m similar to @LED, 80/20 here. I usually catch things pretty fast, but a few delusions have held strong despite me disconfirming them before. It happens. -shrug- I struggle the most with visual hallucinations when I do have them and paranoia at night when I’m alone.


When I had voices I could even eventuually usually shrug them off (the outer ones, the inner voices left me) . but delusions are more problematic eg getting the feeling that everyone at the hospital was against me or that the ceiling could fall on me.

Um depends on how I’m doing mental health wise at the moment. Before I gained insight I 100% believed what I experienced was real…after insight now it varies I’d say I’m at like 60-40, at best 70-30. When I’m doing bad it drops to 50-50 and then eventually lower.

I think I’m at about 95/5 in favour of being real at the moment…

Are you still in the hospital? I hope soon you’ll get better at identifying what’s real and not. It’s not an easy road, but it’s definitely worth it.

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Yes still here and still waiting to see consultant for medication review and change

Feeling very paranoid about it all


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I believe I have sz, and Im ok I dont believe anymore in my delusions

I hope you’re seen soon. I’m sorry you’re feeling paranoid. Hopefully once they get your meds figured out you’ll start feeling better.

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Fingers crossed for an appointment tomorrow all the positive and negative symptoms are getting worse right now


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I have very good insight I think. I can identify most of my delusional thinking. I’m also good at asking my boyfriend or friends if what I’m thinking is logical.

Some things I can’t shake though. Like me being magical, living endless past lives on multiple planets.

I also strongly believe in a few ‘conspiracy theories.’ Just the ones I believe to be true. Nothing like flat earth or whatever. More like false flag operations and chemtrails and corporations running the world.

There is enough evidence that I can believe these ideas personally. I understand others don’t believe in them. I won’t push anything on anyone. However I don’t see these things as delusional thinking since so many others believe it too.

I know my visual hallucinations are not real. Except occasional things that look very real, mostly cats.

Also an auditory hallucination I have a hard time shaking is my name being called. It happens when I’m around other people so it seems realistic that it could be just somebody trying to get my attention.

Asking others about what I experience is a good way to figure out what’s what though. I’d recommend it to others if you have someone who you trust.

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I think I have decent insight. At least compared to how I used to be

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You know, I don’t know. The illness impacts me in ways which are very subtle. My personality is not my own, my thoughts seem to come from me but they are diseased. I love your description of “weird thoughts”, I have these and also weird thought processes. The content of my thoughts is perverse and disturbing. The things I focus on are unusual. The only insight I have is in vaguely remembering a time before the illness where I had normal and balanced thoughts.

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Of the few “delusions” that I have I say that they might be delusions or they might be real. Who knows? So, I assume some are real and some I choose to ignore depending on how they affect me.

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