Psychology terms defined

A few years ago, I visited my alma mater and where I spent lots of my time, the library. Here’s what it looks like:

It is a concrete and glass behemoth. On my visit, I perused the psychology floor. There were seemingly endless amounts of books, so I began looking for something simple to read. I found a book with psychological medical terminology. It hounds me to this day that I did not write down the title or author but my best guess it was from the late 70’s early 80’s. I copied each definition word for word in a journal I had.

I like to share information, so here it is. I apologize about the penmanship, was never any good at it.

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of course to them, it’s all thoughts, and very little on actions.

they never have always seen eye to eye with psychiatrists.

No, no action clauses here. Hence the title. There’s always the www or other sources to research.
@daze I tried to change the category to lounge, perhaps a better spot for it

alright. I think there’s still too much emphasis on Freud.


Thats interesting, I never thought that -ologists and -chiatrists weren’t on the same team. At one time I saw both within the same office. Weren’t they sharing notes?

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I always thought that library was weird looking. It looks tiny in the outside but is probably big in the inside.