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Yeah, a lot of therapists are weird people.They have odd backgrounds and odd hobbies. I think they let psychology go to their head.(bad joke). Helping people psychologically is a weird profession and attracts an odd mix of people. The idea behind psychology is that the people giving the help are assumed to be less crazy than the people they are supposed to be helping, which often is not the case


I completely agree. I’ve met some people in the profession where I just have to pause and think, Who’s helping who here?

But I’m glad someone will give it a try. How are you these days? How is school?

I could complain. But some things are going alright. So far my one class is going OK. At least I’m not behind. I have to write a paper tonight on plagiarism. Do you have any ideas I could use? (Another bad joke.) I hope your vacation is going OK. I’ve been to Vancouver once, years ago. Beautiful country up there.As a matter of fact I visited Seattle on the same trip.
Hows your health? Stomach healing OK? Enjoying your vacation? What are you guys doing up there? Have a good night.

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The psych professors in my school are pretty eccentric. Its the second best program behind business (funded by fedex, I’m at the university of memphis) and the prof’s are often quirky. My therapists have all been kinda quirky but they know they’re quirky. My newest one is rather not quirky, he’s one of those type A personalities and he has an outstanding reputation…which is why he costs so much. He doesn’t mess around and he gets right to the point. He does well with me partly because I am majoring in psych and I often finish his sentences for him, we communicate seamlessly.

But yeah I want to be a psychologist and I am officially diagnosed with schizo-frickin-phrenia! I have been encouraged to do so by the psychologists I have seen, too! It was the first thing my evaluator said to me, he said “If you recover from this, you will make an incredible shrink.”

Hooray for the weirdest people on the planet, crazy psychologists! I will probably do tons of research on schizophrenia for my senior thesis and graduate work. Then I will add in that I AM schizophrenic just for shits and giggles. Then I will have my work peer reviewed and thrown in the trash.

JK I will have to resist just writing an autobiography.

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We drove around a bit and found a coffee shop that wasn’t a Starbucks. We bough kinder eggs. James is down at the pool and I get to use the computer for while. I really like Vancouver. It’s like Seattle before we decided to cut down all our tress and put up condos. I’m feeling much better and being able to keep down food sure helps the optimistic outlook.

Plagiarism. I bet the paper isn’t pro-plagiarism. My ethics teacher loved this one…

“If you steal from one another it’s plagiarism; if you steal from many, it’s
research.” —Wilson Mizner

The internet is filled with musicians who feel they been wronged by plagiarism. I remember seeing some of the David Boie vs. Vanilla Ice thing over four notes.

I had a therapist, a long time ago who was bat shi* crazy. His office was like on the third floor, he used to stick his head out the window and and look around to see when I was arriving. He didn’t say more than a couple of words and had a bizarre look in his eyes, but with all that I kind of liked him


I was complaining to my friend long ago that people, in general, don’t like weird people. He answered, Quote" Yes they do".

Hi kidsister, it’s good to hear you are doing better physically. You’re staying at a motel? One of the most famous cases of plagiarism is from a former member of my favorite band, the Beatles. George Harrison had some good songs when he embarked on a solo career. Probably his biggest hit was a song called “My Sweet Lord”. But a girl group from the sixties claimed he plagiarized their song when he wrote it. They sued him and the case went on for years. Finally a judge ruled it was “unconscious plagiarism”, meaning that George Harrison didn’t do it deliberately. Harrison THOUGHT he was writing a new song, but he accidentally copied a song that must have stuck in his head. He had to pay several hundred thousand dollars to the other artists. Anyway, enjoy your stay, I’m sure we will hear more about it. I’d like to anyway.

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That sound like a really interesting case. I always did like George, but I had a soft spot for Ringo.
“Back Off Boogaloo” is one that I love to dance around to.

I have heard the song by George. I didn’t know it had such a history. It sounds like you have the start of a good paper.

Thank you for the well wishes. We’re in a hotel. I saved up for a road tip to happen this spring break, but that friend isn’t talking to me anymore. So this is working out better. The unexpected is more fun.

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KIdsister, you might like this. I like Ringo too but I don’t have a favorite Beatle. I like them all equally most of the time.

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Thank you 77nick77. :smiley:

I haven’t heard this one in years. I love this one too. What a good video too.

They are all talented, but I am a girl and Ringo and George both seemed a shy cuties to me.

I’m always attracted to the type who might just run away in fear.

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Yeah, they called George , “The quiet Beatle”. I’m not too picky myself. I guess my type is they have to be nice. I hope you guys have a good day tomorrow.

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I also had one for a bit who I thought was worse off then me. I was so confused every time I left his office. But there was something likeable about the guy. I did open up more and talk because he was so out there with some of his ideas.

Yeah I do believe that many psychologists and even psychiatrists can be off sometimes. Maybe its the stress I dont know. Many are smart but some therapists are sleek master con artists looking out for a buck. One really has to shop around if they can

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The one I have now is a good guy. But he’s so spotless. Office is spotless, clothing is spotless, desk is spotless, he is always so punctual and exact and I feel he is overly efficient.

I keep thinking he’s a robot. I just look at him and I think, “I bet he is trying to remember when to blink so I think he’s human” I keep thinking of Data from star trek when I see him. I just want to see his back and see if there is a plug or a wind up key.