Psycho-technical quiz

Scored 5. I miserably failed this one as lots of shape based questions that I am useless at. Probably indicative of being fairly bright, ie good verbally, but with learning difficulties.

When it comes to visual spatial questions I very much guess as I haven’t got a clue. I’ve heard that being good re verbal IQ and less good with performance IQ(non verbal) is found in those with aspergers and vice versa with autism.

i got 7 and guessed on alot of them dont feel too bad!

I got a 9/15, which it says is good but really I’m horrible at things like this and I don’t see how they are an accurate measure of iq/intelligence at all. (These are always on iq tests) Maybe it measures for one type of abstract spatial intelligence but honestly when is that necessary except in specific occasions/careers??

I got 8 right. I didn’t like this quiz. I guessed the number ones.

I got 11. That was fun

I did a test via and paid around £4.50 for the results .

I always knew it was bad but didn’t expect that score!

I did IQ-tests when I was checked for ADHD and tourette’s. I did very well. But finding patterns and visual performance are my strong abilities. Memory, working memory and words were the tougher parts. You can’t be good at everything. I remembered the 10 words the psychologist told me but I mixed them instead of repeating them in order.

I also have auditorial learning difficulties.

It’s 231 in the morning and I just woke up feeling funny. No way am I evaluating my own intelligence again. After the IQ test I took a year ago, I’m done. I got 133 and I seem to replicate that in my school and on the practice GRE tests I’ve been taking. So finished. Much done. Very never again. Wow.

13/15 reminds me of the tests they gave you to enter the military in the US. I aced those and took another to see if I could work on a nuclear reactor. I passed and then that asked me to sign on for 6 years. I said no thanks. I mean they just got finished saying how smart I was, and then they asked me a stupid question like that.

I got five right what does that mean?

@saphire2014 If you are talking about the first test I posted then it suggests your visual spatial IQ is not very good .

I will not pay money to be informed of my intelligence as long as I trust I can get things done with a calculator and the help of others. Lol. I got slightly over average on this one and 7 on the original post. Satisfactory to me. I also don’t count on iq tests to reflect on my ability or inability as they don’t measure your reaction and response to real life events which is the real indicator of cleverness and intelligence to me.

Re the test. I think it just confirms what I know from my own research,even though I have never received an official diagnosis, ie that some kind of learning difficulty is involved.
I seem to fit quite well for dyspraxia and non verbal learning disorder. Large differences in different types of intelligence are often seen as indicating a learning difficulty. I have difficulty with manual/practical tasks and organising and planning(amongst other things)- don’t do well on tests of executive function.
Having learning difficulties can lead to anxiety,depression and low self esteem. I am sure it affects one’s ability to function on top of the effects of a mental illness, especially if you never receive help and support for it.

Given that I am 58 , the damage through neglect has been done and recognition is unlikely, it’s all largely academic.

I do think that mental health care that genuinely looked at the whole person ,ie was holistic, could have made a difference. With NVLD there are both cognitive and social problems.