Psychic attraction

Maybe there’s some psychic attraction to people. Like if your thoughts are unhealthy, people can almost read your mind and see the bad health and not be attracted to it. As someone who’s recovered from bad thoughts, I can tell you, your reactions can be changed to be more healthy. Yes, your inner reactions can change. Well do they really fully change. I don’t know. You do definitely realize the bad health in your thoughts, and adjust, and choose to think differently after changing/fixing your thoughts.

What do you think. I’m really not sure. When you become healthier in thought, your underlying value system is changed, or you just realize that you gotta make healthier choices?? Maybe both. I mean I feel my value system has changed with better mental health, but still sometimes catch myself to old habits and then I feel the need to adjust for the next time a similar situation arises.

This is why I think life can be like a puzzle.

At least recovering from bad mental health can…


We might attract similar people. And be attracted to them. Maybe, I’m not sure. Can’t be sure if anything with a mentall illness.

But I found meditation to really disperse my negative thoughts and replace them with positives one.

You can try a few days to see if it’s for you. Remember that they’re Manny types of meditation and can take a while until you find yours.

I find the one for me in the first try. Good luck

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it also sounds like cognitive behavioral therapy

when I was in patient, we did a little group session on this

but I haven’t seen a therapist in years

I’m pretty good about putting on a happy face

when I’m around others, so I don’t experience

a turned off reaction.


Always nice to get your insights daze thanks :blush:

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I feel like im an open jar and get flooded with so much stimulation it makes me have terrets thought syndrome and its hard for me to guard it. Bc this guy knows EVERYTHING. Its a tight lid and zits hard bc when I’m with him im golden. But I suffer from hypochobdrja
And thought terrets and some 6sense knowing when hes pullung me.

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