I am a psychiatric nurse

I imagine I am a psychiatric nurse and I give some good advice
After talking to myself as a psychiatric nurse I feel better


Not being funny - but as a Mental health service user, like most of us - your probably more than qualified to advise new patients than some of the grads out there.

Reminds me of my social worker - yeah he had the piece of paper with a degree on it - but he was fcking useless in real world situations - simply cos he didnt have the experience. And the bloke was depressed - cos he freely told me he was on 100mg sertraline! lol.


You’ve got a point there
I could be a good mental health carer but I’m not sure I’ve got the right personality I’m not interested in other people’s problems I have enough of my own

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I worked in EMI homes for a bit - just before i got diagnosed. But its people like us that have lived thru it, that makes us able to “suss out” people way before they see a shrink. I used to use Psychoanalysis on the drunks down the bar - with all there relationship problems and that. Never used to say anything of course. But once you “been there” you know.

But yes - of course, you just wanna focus on yourself and maintaining your own mental health well-being. And they had the cheek, to assume i was thick! lol.

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I imagine if there were a real 100% cure for schizophrenia, former sufferers would be the best psychiatrists. They understand the illness inside and out, in a manner that no book can teach you.

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