Fire the p doc?

I’m debating firing my p doc, or at least getting a second opinion. I’m on my third and fourth aps in six weeks. Granted, Zyprexa gave me TD and I was allergic to Risperdal, but I’m back on Seroquel (only 100mg) for eight days and just took the third Vraylar pill. I can’t afford Vraylar when the samples run out but that’s a separate question. I’ve been suicidal since being back on Seroquel and hitting myself quite a bit. A nice time of gedankenlautwerden this afternoon. I don’t know if she doesn’t believe I’m psychotic or what. Sorry, just frustrated and I’m sure there are some here who’ve had a worse time than me. Thoughts?

I’m not sure let’s see what others think.

There’s nothing wrong with getting a second opinion if that’s what you feel you need to do. Hope you get the right combination of meds figured out. As far as the Vraylar goes, can you get assistance from the pharmaceutical company? When I had no insurance I got my meds free through their program. It might be something to look into.

Edit: To be clear I wasn’t on Vraylar when I got assistance. I think I was on Invega.

I have seen 3 pdocs, mainly because my father couldn’t accept the diagnosis. He was in denial. All 3 pdocs diagnosed me with schizophrenia. Now he has accepted it, meds work, no need for another pdoc

I usually wait till they die, had two die on me. 2nd opinion never hurts but it’s not the drs fault you’ve had bad reaction to the meds he tried

I really do feel that I need a second set of eyes on my symptoms. I don’t think she really listens to me. Maybe I’m still stuck on the diagnosis but I don’t think so. If the meds were working I wouldn’t care about the diagnosis so much.

As far as the Vraylar goes I was on that type of assistance back when I was on Cymbalta for depression just not sure if it’s the same for Vraylar. I haven’t had insurance in over twelve years and been blessed that most of my meds have been older, cheaper meds with generics. Vraylar is $51.43 per pill which is more than my depression meds. Thanks for the reminder, I’ll have to look into it.

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That’s the same way it’s happened for me. My first was just a general practitioner who treated me for depression for twenty years until he died. The next was a true psychiatrist who treated me for seven more years. He died and everyone in his office just disappeared. Then a gp treated me for a month until I found the current one. She’s the first one who I picked based on a recommendation. She is a fine pdoc for depression, it’s the psychosis she doesn’t seem to handle well. Hmm. I think I might be hypomanic as much as I’m typing. lol

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