What do they ask you during SSi reviews?

I don’t know when I will be up for a review, but I am assuming that if you receive SSi for a mental disability that you at the very least have to be experiencing some time of doctor-patient treatment.

I want to have just a therapist. Will that alone insure I keep my SSi benefit? The meds I am on are causing me lots of anxiety lately and I apologize ahead of time for appearing manic or paranoid about this.

I’m just fearful that I will lose my SSi, even though I will be regularly seeing a pyschiatrist but still claim I am unemployable. I hallucinate constantly, visually (not audially) and cannot possibly concentrate on a job.

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i see a psychiatrist regularly, and therapist too. My psychiatrist wrote down on my student loan discharge papers that i am severally disabled and my paranoia keep me from working. My brother on the other hand has mental illnesses too but sees no doctor. His ssi was under review just like mine was at the same time. He kept his ssi after he stopped taking meds. I don’t know what was involved in the decision making process for us both to keep our ssi.

I remember some of the questions had to do with what i was capable of, and what i thought i was capable of. My doctors also filled out paper work. so did the lady who was in charge of the case managers

Do they have over-the-phone interviews for SSi renewals, or do you have to have an in-person appointment?

They asked me a bunch of questions over the phone and sent out these packets that they sent out to me and my partner. they may make you go see one of their therapist for a review.

Hm. If I ever stop hallucinating people + get my energy levels restored to working form, I could get back to work & become independent again. If I continue hallucinating people & sounds, though, I refuse to work. It’d be too dangerous.

You get a note from your doctor saying you are disabled and can’t work because of your disability. I’m sure the doctor does this often and knows what to write.

I’ve never heard of someone refusing to work because of hallucinations. I’ve heard of people who can’t work because of hallucinations.

the reviews are usually just mailed to you. If you have a psychiatrist signing you are not competent that’s all it takes…if you try to work then that brings usually a review with it later…if you don’t work I wouldn’t worry about it…

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Don’t worry though they don’t ask that on SSI reviews.

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There is a “malingering” profile the assessors use to determine if the SS D I (not SSI, which is not the issue here) client is worth further investigation. If the client’s answers “trip the switches” on that profile, further interviewing is mandated, and the client may be required to see a psychiatrist or psychologist for further assessment.

Otherwise, if one qualifies for SS, is still disabled, and has not been convicted of a felony-level crime, one is pretty much assured of continued SSDI support.

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Are you doing okay? You seem unwell. Is there anything we can help you with?

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If someone is harassing you here, I think you should let @SzAdmin know. If there’s something he can do to help or to make things easier on you, he will.

Have you talked to your doctor about this, too? I think the stress of it can’t be good for you. They may have some ideas about how to deal with this.

I think everyone needs a break from here now and again. I love talking to people here but there are times it just makes me miserable. If you think it will help the situation, then take a bit of time. But I hope you come back soon. :hibiscus:

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