Invega sustenna and period. How long does it take for prolactin to drop?

My prolactin is high because of invega sustenna. It’s been 3 months since my last shot and i still haven’t got my period (4th month now). I was wondering how long it took for your prolactin to fall back in the normal range.

My eyes roll upwards too. When will this stop?

I got my period within a month of stopping Invega, so not sure what will happeb with you.

I took Invega in the pill form for about a year. My period just gradually stopped and didn’t come back until I just recently stopped taking Invega all together. Once I stopped it my period came back almost immediately.

were you on pills or injection @DearZombie

I was on injections. About 2 years

I also got my period back after about a month. Maybe ask your psychiatrist.

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@DearZombie @Qwerty I have depression since i got on invega injection, is this because of invega or is it my condition?

I’ll be frank. Invega was horrible for me. I spent most of my time apathetic or depressed when I had any emotion. Couldn’t cry. Couldn’t do anything at all. My life imploded from neglect over 2 years.

My pdoc finally agreed to change meds and gave me abilify pills while i was on Invega. I got mad and stopped taking the shots. It took 6 months to get it out of my system, though i began having positive symptoms again.

My pdoc put me on Aristada 441mg. It’s pretty much the same as Abilify but formulated for sz and sza.

I have emotions. I can force myself to do things. I have a part time job now, few hours but i don’t think my coworker is plotting against me. I have my period.

Maybe you can look into Aristada? I can’t say enough good things about it and how it changed my life compared to Invega.

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i was only on it for 4 months and i also felt the same as you.